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Coworking Space in Lisboa, Portugal

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The WorkHub+is located in Braço de Prata, in an industrial space we offer flexible work and storage spaces to freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs. Inspired by the proximity to the river and in an easily accessible location, we present a high-tech space that promotes environmental sustainability.

Address: R. Tabaqueira 2, 1950-256 Lisboa, Portugal


Plans & Pricing

  • Hot desk 1 person
    For those that work anywhere from 9AM to 6PM.
    EUR 100.00
  • Fixed desk 1 person
    A dedicated desk and meeting room available 24/7.
    EUR 150.00
  • Office 1 person
    Flying solo with privacy, meeting room and 24h access.
    EUR 300.00
  • Meetings 1 person
    For meetings with clients or your team, we have space for 8.
    EUR 15.00
  • Virtual 1 person
    For those that only need to centralize mail and use the meeting room (4h/month).
    EUR 45.00
  • Event 1 person
    The space for big meetings, launches, workshops, or whatever you need. Send us your idea.
    EUR 80.00

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