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Coworking Space in Karachi, Pakistan

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Thriving Space is a shared co-working environment based in the mid of the Karachi city. We offer state-of-the-art facilities that allows you to launch your start-ups or accelerate your business in a way that encourages creativity and gives you a chance to connect millions of creative minds at one place.

​Join the team of Thriving Space and work along the like-minded innovative and creative business ideas in an atmosphere specifically designed to grow your ideas into a long term business model.

​Our vision is to create a thriving, collaborative community of conscious co-workers that believe in work-life balance, shared knowledge, productivity and positive social and environmental change.

Address: Thriving Space, Tariq Centre, Tariq Road, Karachi, Pakistan


Plans & Pricing

  • Day Pass 50 people
    8am to 8pm
    PKR 700.00
  • Part time HotSeat 80 people
    Flexible timing as per your choice
    PKR 7000.00
  • Full time Hot Seat 80 people
    8am to 8pm
    PKR 10000.00
  • Full time Night Shift Hot Seat 80 people
    8pm to 8am
    PKR 7000.00

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