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Coworking Space in Melbourne, Australia

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Stone & Chalk is based in an 1890’s converted railway shed with industrial charm and a contemporary office fit-out that caters to all modern workplace needs. The building is home to an active community of leaders in emerging tech who are supported by Stone & Chalk’s suite of custom programs, which are designed to facilitate the growth and success of its startups. Residency at Stone & Chalk provides access to a powerful impact network of corporate partners, investors, mentors, workshops, and events. In addition, we offer weekly community events that include breakfasts and Friday night drinks. Residents of Stone & Chalk Melbourne have Hot Desk access to hubs in both Sydney and Adelaide.

Stone & Chalk is located in Docklands, Melbourne’s newest and most exciting financial hub, where established and emerging industries intersect. Several of our corporate partners, including NAB, ANZ, KPMG, and Link Market Services are a short walk away from the hub, and this helps facilitate ongoing collaboration.

The building is conveniently located 5 minute’s walk from Southern Cross Station and is right by arterial tram routes to the CBD and beyond. We are directly opposite Collins Square, which includes a high-quality and diverse food court, a supermarket and a pharmacy.

Address: 710 Collins Street, Docklands VIC, Australia


Plans & Pricing

  • Full Time Hot Desk 30 people
    AUD 550.00
  • Full Time Dedicated Desk 150 people
    AUD 650.00
  • Private Office Desk 20 people
    AUD 780.00

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