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Coworking Space in Douala, Cameroon

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Shara Coworking is an innovative technology platform that promotes start-ups and entrepreneurship by creating a collaborative workspace for independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and professionals who are looking for a serene environment to work.

It also provides facilities and assistance in the organization of events, seminars and workshops that enable would-be entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelances and communities to achieve their dreams and succeed in their business.

Address: SHARA Ltd, Bonabéri, Cameroon


Plans & Pricing

  • SHARA OPEN 1 person
    XAF 4000.00
  • SHARA PRIVATE 1 person
    XAF 6000.00
  • SHARA VIP 1 person
    XAF 8000.00
  • SHARA EXECUTIVE 1 person
    XAF 15000.00

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