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Probierwerk develops innovative and creative ideas ...

... with suitable workshop formats, materials and spaces that promote the exchange between the different users.

We offer a variety of solutions to take advantage of the tasting experience: from a basic factory pass for occasional visits to longer-term use in an office.

Probierwerk promotes the exchange between ...

... young and old, startups and corporates, talents and potential employers, students and mentors.

Networking and community building are great. Our users are passionate about technology, creative brainstorming and the digital world. Everyone benefits from this in mutual exchange.

Probierwerk is the solution factory ...

... in all questions concerning the further development of business models as well as the application areas of digital solutions in everyday business.

We demonstrate the possibilities of modern production technologies, establish contacts with suitable startups, convey knowledge on questions of digitization and, with an environment that promotes innovation, makes it possible to solve entrepreneurial issues.

Probierwerk offers a startup ecosystem ...

... with tailor-made support for innovative business ideas.

Startups in the growth and maturation process receive support in the trial plant through founder-specific knowledge. They are accompanied by mentors and coaches and benefit from contacts to accelerators and financing partners.

Address: Stauffenbergstra├če 14-20, Leverkusen, Deutschland


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