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Office146’s spaces are designed to provide a sense of community while being able to maintain optimum productivity. The synergy between on-site events, activities, speakers and networking lunches is a marriage that affords your employees to feel an uplifting energy and renewed focus on the tasks at hand.

Located at 146 Thirtieth Street in Etobicoke, Office146 is centrally located just west of Toronto’s downtown core and east of the bustling sprawl of Mississauga. Quick access via the Gardiner Expressway or the TTC allows you to arrive at work fresh and energized for optimal performance. The perfect place to expand your organization’s roots throughout the GTA.

Address: 146 Thirtieth Street


Plans & Pricing

  • Hot Desk 1 person
    Upgrade from the disconnect of working from home or a coffee shop with one of our Hot Desk Plans. With 24/7 access.
    CAD 425.00
  • Dedicated Desk 1 person
    f you are looking for something more consistent, a Dedicated Desk is your answer.
    CAD 495.00
  • 1 person
    CAD 0.00

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