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„LUX“ is conceived as a modern business bar, event management and consultant company
with a location in Mostar – Bišće Polje b.b., Intera T.P.
„LUX“ is conceived as a business bar that would adapt to all seasons through a wide range
of drinks, offering a pleasant ambiance with a combination of modern interior and exterior
design, with natural plants, where the visitors could enjoy a social gathering and a pleasant
"LUX" will offer quality morning coffee, refreshing cold drinks, various types of beer and
alcoholic beverages, as well as a variety of educational and business events.
"LUX" will strive to impose itself as a recognizable and desirable location for rest,
refreshment, and entertainment, both for residents of distant settlements, which
periodically come to industrial zones as well as for numerous tourists visiting the city.

Address: Lux Business Bar, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina


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