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Coworking Space in Roma, Italy

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Groworking is first of all a coworking, a workspace based on collaboration and sharing of environments; it is also a social and cultural hub, a meeting place where you can make new relationships, exchange ideas, make your projects known and share moments;
finally, it is an accelerator for artisans and small businesses, which makes the experience of various professionals available to them to plan their growth and development.
It is also the only coworking in Rome Eur surrounded by greenery with trees, plants and green walls made with mosses, lichens and stabilized plants.

Address: Groworking, Via della Fonte Meravigliosa, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy


Plans & Pricing

  • Daily 8 people
    EUR 20.00
  • Monthly 8 people
    EUR 250.00
  • three-monthly 8 people
    EUR 600.00
  • ten-days 8 people
    EUR 180.00
    ten days
  • twenty-days 8 people
    EUR 300.00

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