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Coworking API

For developers

This is the first version of our Open API. With it, you are able to get at the coworking basic information and build your own app.

The beta version give you access to a daily updated json file. Because of our privacy policy, there is not contact information available yet.

json example

	 “id”: 1409,
	 “name”: “Coletivo 202 Coworking”,
  	 “website”: "",
	 “description”: “Coletivo coworking é primeiro espaço de coworking do Rio Grande do Sul...”,
	 “city”: “Porto Alegre”,
	 “country”: “Brazil”,
	 “address”: “Rua dos Andradas, 800/201”,
	 “latitude”: “52.40843839999999”,
	 “longitude”: “16.908425599999987”,
	 “cover_url”: "”,
	 “cover_w”: 705,
	 “cover_h”: 350,
	 “logo_url”: "",
	 “logo_w”: 150,
	 “logo_h”: 150

API Terms of uses

Before you start using the API, we have a few guidelines that we'd like to tell you about.

  1. Each coworking space is responsible for its own information.
  2. You'll receive a unique connection address. Never share it.
  3. You are able to create any kind of application. For a commercial or noncommercial purpose.
  4. The json file is updated once a day. Keep a copy in your server and avoid request it more than once per day.
  5. As much as possible, put a link about our project as data’s source. You can use one of our badge for it.
  6. Enjoy!

I agree to the terms of use