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Coworking Space in Penticton, Canada

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Penticton co-work space for Remote Workers, Entrepreneurs and Start ups... Penticton co-work space. E-Office Okanagan allows remote workers, entrepreneurs and start ups to rent desk space in a shared office environment. E-Office gives you the benefit of a full-time office, but you only pay for the number of desks you use. Choose your own permanent desk and or cubicle. A cost-effective way to locate your business. Work in a sociable, shared environment or more private cubicles. Secure, high-speed internet. Office cleaning and maintenance. Coffee maker, Water cooler and washroom. #cowork #pentictoncowork #naramatacowork #penticton #yyf #naramata #southokanagan #okfalls #summerland #eofficeok #eoffice #okanagan #remoteworker

Address: 95 Eckhardt Avenue East, Penticton, BC, Canada


Plans & Pricing

  • Cibicle 1 person
    Dedicated Cubicle
    CAD 350.00
  • 1 person
    CAD 0.00

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