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Coworking Space in Beijing, China

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【 Info 】 CHENGLV SPACiE Beijing is designed as “Balanced Working Space”, a perfect balance between public and private working space. You are able to stay 100% concentrate on the business. Besides working hard, we create a sense of “curious” in the whole environment in order to bring out more possibilities and ideas.

【 Service 】 high speed WiFi ・ CCTV Security ・ 24/7 access ・ free high quality coffee

【 Seek for more 】 SPACiE cafe, locating next to SPACiE coworking space, is providing healthy, delicate cuisine for all workers. Plus, there are seasonal events, membership service & collaboration and more to come.

Address: Heqiao Building, No. 8, Guanghua Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing


Plans & Pricing

  • Hot Desk 1 person
    CNY 1680.00
  • Dedicated Desk 1 person
    CNY 2025.00
  • Private Office 1119 6 people
    CNY 12000.00
  • Private Office 1130 20 people
    CNY 36000.00

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