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Coworking Space in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Book exactly the space you need, for as long as you want
A space where inspiration and energy come your way as soon as you open the door. No two days are the same. A good place to work if you don’t want to be attached to a monthly subscription.

We believe that people work optimally when they are in an environment full of inspiration, flowers and plants, with a good atmosphere, close to home.

Address: Eerste Jan Steenstraat 72, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Plans & Pricing

  • Buro Buro 15 people
    Buro by Muller and van Tol specially designed for Buro. Wonderful place to work in a focused manner.
    EUR 4.00
  • Lounge or table spaced 15 people
    Choose a place that suits you. The colorful lounge spots or one of our nice tables.
    EUR 4.00
  • Conference 2 people
    For meetings where you would like a screen and just a little more shielded than the other places.
    EUR 30.00

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