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Coworking API

After a whole year in beta, we’ve officially released Version 1.0 of our REST API. Now you can list spaces, build profiles and further improve the communication between your network and the collaborative spaces across the world.

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Since 2014, we’ve been mapping coworking spaces across the six continents. From Alaska to Africa, going through small islands and isolated regions. Now we’ve made available the access to all the work so that you may create your own app

Reliable data

The hardest part of cataloguing a database is to update it. We’re constantly updating our methodology to identify empty spaces and to keep our database with reliable information all the time.

100% free

You’ll have access to a complete database and you may use it as you wish, including for commercial purposes. If you wish to create a white label application, you can choose our Professional license.

json example

	"ID": 10527,
	"country": "United Kingdom",
	"city": "London",
	"map": {
	    "address": "98 Victoria Road, London NW10 6NB, United Kingdom",
	    "lat": "51.5255905",
	    "lng": "-0.2549043999999867"
	"description": "Co Work Hub is one of the biggest coworking shared offices in West London. At almost 10,000 sq ft, with excellent transport links Co Work Hub is ideally located to be the premier workspace for businesses. ",
	"logo": "",
	"cover-photo": "",
	"name": "Cowork Hub",
	"slug": "cowork-hub",
	"site": ""

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Register your app for the API authentication, and check our documentation to start listing all spaces in your project.

Standard Licence

The best way to start your app. You will have access to all space data (except email addresses), and you may create your own map with individual profiles. This is the regular license, and unless you want to have control on the space’s contact information, it is suggested to maintain it.

Professional Licence

For apps that must be in total control of their user’s experience. With this license, you’ll have access to all the space’s contact information (email and website) and users will not have any contact with our trademark.




$ 999/month

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You will have immediate access to the API and may start your app right away.

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If you wish to acquire a Professional License, send us an email at [email protected], with further information of your project.