Logo 199 Lafayette 4th floor / 4A2 & 4A3 (Combined)

199 Lafayette 4th floor / 4A2 & 4A3 (Combined)

Coworking Space in New York, United States

Photo 199 Lafayette 4th floor / 4A2 & 4A3 (Combined)

The office is a combination of floors 4A2 and 4A3 for a larger working environment. This space consists of multiple large windows which supply natural lighting from the North, South, and West sides of New York City. Hence, no additional lamps are required to light up the room; cutting down the expense on the electricity bills. Extra spaciousness with a high roof provides a great deal of room for business conferences. A fully furnished sharable kitchen/ kitchenette and two bathrooms are included. Internet and Air conditioning facilities are provided for a more comfortable living/ working environment. Elevator facility present for individual floor access. The location of this office gives easy access to the highway and has bike parking space.

Address: 199 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012, USA


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