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Photo CoLab


Trumbull, United States

CoLab offers coworking memberships in a safe, convenient, and cost effective environment among a community of other professionals just like you. Flexible conditioned spaces with open desks, dedicated desks, private offices, and team rooms. CoLab @ 55 Merritt sits in the center of the beautiful Trumbull Corporate Park. The building was previously occupied by Unilever and has since been converted to coworking office space.

Photo Hotel Villa Auersperg

Hotel Villa Auersperg

Salzburg, Austria

CO-WORKING @ AUERSPERG Our sunny breakfast room turns into our LIVING ROOM after 1 p.m. Enough space and large tables to open your WORKPLACE, to come together for MEETINGS, or just to READ, MEET, CHILL, EAT & DRINK. WITHOUT RESERVATION & FOR FREE, WITH SERVICE from our A * BAR & LOUNGE Enough SOCKETS (also USB) PRINTER in our INFO CENTER Cocoon chairs for PHONECALLS (INFO CENTER) Our A * BAR & LOUNGE & TERRACE are available for you to work ANYTIME! For more privacy please rent our BUSINESS-ROOM on the 1st floor. For meetings up to 10 people. Flooded with light, equipped with a large conference table and comfortable, ergonomic chairs, as well as a Clevertouch screen. Also spontaneously rentable by the hour: € 10 per hour including water & tea. If the business room is occupied, or if it doesn't take up as much space, we will be happy to provide you with one of our charming rooms as YOUR WORKPLACE, subject to availability. Tea and coffee bar included in the room! HALF DAYS € 50 FULL DAY € 90 FEEL FREE TO WORK & MEET

Photo Turing 22

Turing 22

Clermont-Ferrand, France

Turing 22 est un espace de travail partagé de 4 700m2 situé dans le parc technologique de La Pardieu à Clermont-Ferrand. De l’entrepreneur indépendant à l’équipe de plusieurs dizaines de personnes, Turing 22 peut accueillir plus de 600 postes de travail répartis en 80 bureaux privés de 1 à 20 places ou en places de coworking nomades.

Photo MK Center Energy Office

MK Center Energy Office

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Located at 302 304 Vo Van Kiet, district 1. MK Center Energy Office is designed with simple and modern concept. The traditional office with 4 walls around are replaced by glasses. All the desks are arranged logical to help workers remove the cramped feeling. Many integrated services inside the building such as: Gym, swimming pool, yoga club, apartment.... A great high view at one of the most important street in Ho Chi Minh. That will help workers feel more comfortable and reduce their stressful of work. Besides that, we also provide many free services such as: - Free drinks (tea, coffee) - Free electric, water, high speed wifi, printing - Free office equipments (lockers, table, chair, air conditions) - Unlimited using meeting room - Free to use common area (Pantry, microwave, Reception area…)

Photo CHENGLV SPACiE – Shanghai Jing An

CHENGLV SPACiE – Shanghai Jing An

Shanghai, China

CHENGLV SPACiE Shanghai Jing An is designed by the concept of “Art with Humour”.  Art is like a conversation between ourselves and livelihoods.  The track between people and space could be understood as the miniature of livelihood. In Jing An, we provide 7 independent office, each of which has capacity for 22 to 35 people.

Photo CHENGLV SPACiE – Shanghai Hong Qiao

CHENGLV SPACiE – Shanghai Hong Qiao

Shanghai, China

CHENGLV SPACiE Shanghai Hong Qiao has both flexibility of a coworking space and facilities of a high-class office building.  We provide small and medium sized enterprises with 24/7 multi-functional office service.

Photo Campus X

Campus X

Sofia, Bulgaria

Campus X is an end-to-end ecosystem, which offers flexible serviced offices for companies of all sizes and stages: established organizations, international companies setting up their presence in Bulgaria, scale-ups, and startups – tech and beyond. Comprising of four stellar buildings, Campus X is conveniently located close to three metro stations, the airport and the Business Park. Here you will enjoy an end-to-end office experience, unparalleled IT and Facility services, and link to trusted partners and in-house domain experts to help you conquer every challenge on your way to success. Here you will benefit from: • State-of-the-art office buildings and facilities where everything is taken care of • Common areas and offices that nurture creativity and attract top-notch talent • Flexible month-to-month plans – 100% tailored to your needs • Enterprise-level IT and Facility services, redundant network and power supply • Leading Finance, Legal, HR, and Professional Assistants Services available onsite • Access to top IT talent groomed at Bulgaria’s #1 tech-ed organization Telerik Academy • Carefully filtered community of like-minded innovators, specially curated events and trainings • Bridge to experts, investors, business angels, and outstanding mentors • Meticulous preventative measures during and post COVID-19 going far and beyond global health and safety requirements • Ongoing rigorous cleaning and disinfection - with the utmost attention to detail and increased focus on high touch areas • High-class safe and highly-effective UVC lamps and air purifiers to eliminate viruses and improve air quality Along with uninterrupted business continuity, our members’ safety and flexibility are our key priorities. We have reimagined processes and introduced high-level security measures to power your success and keep your teams safe and productive during and post COVID-19. Our flexible month-to-month plans guarantee you can quickly adapt to the changing business dynamics with no long-term commitments. Find out what being part of Campus X feels like. Get in touch now: https://bit.ly/3bWApBT!

Photo neu.works


Denver, United States

why neu.works… when you arrive in neu.works you will immediately know why we are the best in the business, our space impresses the most demanding of us. relocating your company to denver’s premiere coworking space will help you land that big deal, hire that neu recruit, and secure that investment easier than ever before and unlike any other space in denver. the day you become a member of our exclusive community of cherry creek north’s most successful entrepreneurs, executives and founders, you’ll be surrounded by the very people who can help you solve your problems, expand your network and grow your business without you ever leaving the office. come see what we do best, ensure you and your clients experience and the space is second-to-none, so you and your team can start doing what you do best while in cherry creek north’s distinguished business community, neu.works. Do not hesitate, schedule a tour today before they’re gone and get up to 50% OFF Private Offices for up to 1 Year! Our 57 Move-In Ready & Fully Furnished Private Offices are fitted with and have:  bespoke mahogany cabinetry and desks (standing desks arriving soon)  dry erase surfaces  eames aluminum group style chairs  floor to ceiling frameless glass walls  locking sliding glass doors  polished concrete floors and rugs In addition to the above and a prestigious Cherry Creek North address, you get access to all the following:  1 to 36 month term  1 gig fiber optic internet  1 laser color business-class printer  1 spa room with steam shower  2 communal balconies  2 phone booths  3 hotels within one block  5 days of cleaning and sanitizing per week  5 high profile meeting rooms  8 dedicated desks  18 hot desks  17 restaurants within one block  21 offices with private balconies  24/7 secure building access and security  26+ events and mixers per year  32 speaker white noise system  57 private offices  60 second walk to whole foods  74 speaker thx sound system  120 inch high-definition television  232 covered car parking spaces onsite with bike storage  2000 square foot event venue

Photo NetCoworking Berrini

NetCoworking Berrini

São Paulo, Brazil

NetCoworking has the ideal space for your business. Here you will find work positions, private rooms, meeting rooms with up to 10 seats, auditorium, high-speed internet, comfortable and air-conditioned space, in addition to being located at Berrini, which will give your company status a boost!

Photo La Source

La Source

Sainte-Eulalie 07510, France

A coworking space in a little and typical french village.

Photo Coffice Prague

Coffice Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Coworking Space "per hour" in Prague with private office desks, Meeting room and after-work events! You can pay per hour, day or month and Free Unlimited Coffee is included Philosophy Founded by foreigners from Argentina & Slovakia, Coffice Prague strive to make you feel good as soon as you arrive. Here you'll find digital nomads, travelers, accommodation owners from Brazil and Argentina, and those who enjoy the lifestyle of enjoying what you do. One of its main objectives is to offer benefits so that locals from Prague can visit and feel like they're on a beach in Brazil or Buenos Aires, Argentina. Conference room Conference rooms are available to rent by the hour for your next meeting. Please ask the community manager for rates and availability. Events and networking Live music, stand up comedy, pub quiz, cinema nights, language exchange meetings. After working hard, they believe we all deserve to enjoy! Printing Printing is available in black and white. Please ask the community manager for setup instructions and rates. Private office or desk Private office for 6 people is available, you can rent the full room or just one desk. Please ask the community manager for rates and availability. Outdoor space Enjoy the beautiful weather by working outside or taking a phone call on the patio area outdoors. Cafe/bar The space has an on-site cafe/bar. Library Thousands of books to discover (the place used to work as a library so you can still feel the attitude). Restaurant There is a restaurant next door, but you can place your order with them and eat in the space!

Photo Premium Tower

Premium Tower

Mendoza, Argentina

Equipamiento completo de alta calidad; Baño comun de la oficina màs lo del Hotel. Sistema de climatización individual frío-calor por cada ambiente, Detalles de terminación de alta gama (carpintería de aluminio, pisos de madera flotantes, paredes empapeladas, etc.). El Edificio Premium Tower Suites cuenta con los siguientes servicios: * Piscina y solarium * Sum * Business center * Sala de conferencias para eventos sociales y empresariales * Sala de internet de uso público. *conexión Wi-fi y en todas las áreas del edificio) * Gimnasio * Sauna * Restaurante de comida internacional con excelente vista panorámica de la cordillera, ubicado en el piso 14

Photo Il Borgo Uffici

Il Borgo Uffici

Bergamo, Italy

A Bergamo città Edificio di sole 5 unita, molto signorile, posto in parte su un piano e in parte su due piani, lo spazio in co-working è composto da 3 locali, arredati con scrivania, sedie, mobili, Aria Condizionata e wifi compresi. Ampi parcheggi liberi, di facile accesso, a pochi minuti dal centro città, in un quartiere di nuova costruzione. Scarpellini è uno dei marchi domiciliati Contattaci per richieste personalizzate

Photo Wikilab Coworking

Wikilab Coworking

São Carlos, Brazil

O que é o Wikilab Coworking? História e essência O Wikilab surgiu da ideia de 3 irmãos que sentiam falta de um espaço de conexão em São Carlos. A casa onde estamos instalados era a casa de nossos avós, que a construíram há cerca de 50 anos, onde nossa mãe e nossas tias cresceram e onde nós passamos muitas tardes brincando. A ideia de casa de vó acolhedora, sempre pronta pra receber permanece no Wikilab até hoje, agora de forma profissional. Lá, na verdade, sempre foi um ponto de conexão. Nosso avô viajava muito pelo Brasil e trazia notícias de lugares distantes, sempre compartilhando com amigos que frequentavam a casa e os funcionários de sua empresa que ali funcionava. Quando a ideia do coworking surgiu colocamos a mão na massa e nos empenhamos para que tudo ficasse como havíamos imaginado, com a estrutura física adequada, com a seriedade e profissionalismo necessários, mas também com a flexibilidade e diversão que tornam qualquer ambiente mais aconchegante. Hoje o Wikilab transbordou nosso espaço físico, formamos uma COMUNIDADE FORTE, nossos coworkers são amigos dentro e fora do coworking. Aqui já surgiram laços de sociedade, amizade e parcerias, não só profissionais mas também pessoais. Prezamos pela colaboração, co-criação e networking. Aqui fazemos amigos e negócios! O Wikilab hoje é essa energia acolhedora e empreendedora, uma casa de vó do Século XXI. Aqui somamos profissionalismo, seriedade e o atendimento simpático de nossos anfitriões que sempre estão dispostos a auxiliar no que for necessário! Queremos fazer o melhor por você. Nossa alegria é ver cada vez mais gente agregando em nossa comunidade. Assim seguimos, todos juntos, torcendo um pelo outro e chegando muito mais longe! Na Prática Mas no dia a dia como funciona o Wikilab Coworking? Nós disponibilizamos espaços como sala de reunião, auditório para eventos, salas comerciais e estações de trabalho, ou seja, você pode ter sua empresa no Wikilab trabalhando diariamente de nosso coworking e desfrutando de toda a infraestrutura já pronta para te receber. Além disso, pode utilizar nossa sala de reunião locada por hora para atender clientes ou realizar planejamentos com sua equipe, bem como nosso auditório que é um espaço ideal para eventos, cursos e treinamentos (saiba mais acessando nossa página de serviços). Hoje temos 18 empresas sediadas no Wikilab Coworking, cerca de 45 pessoas diariamente trabalhando de nosso espaço, além do público que comparece em nossos eventos. Você pode fazer parte de nossa comunidade tanto locando um espaço conosco, quanto participando de eventos e demais atividades que promovemos. O Wikilab Coworking não é uma simples locação de espaço para trabalhar, além disso e de todas as facilidades e vantagens financeiras, você ainda fará parte dessa comunidade forte que não para de crescer!!!

Photo White River Coworking

White River Coworking

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Coworking é sobre pessoas. E na White River Coworking você encontra toda a infra estrutura para que sua equipe consiga ter os melhores resultados para sua empresas sem se preocupar com instalações, focando apenas no seu negócio.

Photo Upbeat Coworks

Upbeat Coworks

Nashik, India

At Upbeat Coworks, we assure you a healthy office environment filled with zeal and motivation among coworkers who are focused and helpful. Upbeat Coworks offers affordable coworking space in Nashik. Upbeat Coworks offers affordable coworking space in Nashik. Office space available with Private offices, desk spaces, meeting rooms, and Pantry. We also offer assistance to startups and businesses for their operations and company functionalities. Our corporate culture promotes an overall sense of serious work ethics as also a community of like-minded people working their way towards their aims. Our co-working spaces are fully equipped with desks, cabins, meeting rooms, internet, and other basic resources making them fully-functional offices, shared by professionals. They are mostly preferred by startups and freelancers who are looking for convenient, plug-n-play solutions.

Photo The Benison Events & Coworking

The Benison Events & Coworking

Hamilton, United States

Whether you need a space to gather, celebrate, learn, or collaborate, The Benison Events & Coworking delivers exceptional experiences customized for you. The Benison is a beautiful historic bank transformed into an event space & coworking center. From 2 to 200, The Benison is perfect for hosting your business meeting, celebration, wedding or charity function! Safe, 24/7 access to coworking offers flexible office space and combines hospitality & convenience. Visit our website to arrange a tour.

Photo The Hive Chester

The Hive Chester

Chester, United States

The Hive strives to create community and connection through shared space. It is a place where anyone who believes in the power of kindness, creativity, and community is welcome. The inviting space will provide a beautiful and inspiring outlet for members to work, connect, and relax. It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in we all have something to offer each other.

Photo CHENGLV SPACiE – Beijing


Beijing, China

【 Info 】 CHENGLV SPACiE Beijing is designed as “Balanced Working Space”, a perfect balance between public and private working space. You are able to stay 100% concentrate on the business. Besides working hard, we create a sense of “curious” in the whole environment in order to bring out more possibilities and ideas. 【 Service 】 high speed WiFi ・ CCTV Security ・ 24/7 access ・ free high quality coffee 【 Seek for more 】 SPACiE cafe, locating next to SPACiE coworking space, is providing healthy, delicate cuisine for all workers. Plus, there are seasonal events, membership service & collaboration and more to come.

Photo Orgânico Coworking – Unidade Sagitário

Orgânico Coworking – Unidade Sagitário

Barueri, Brazil

Nós do Orgânico Coworking queremos conectar empresas e profissionais de diversas áreas em um ecossistema de alta performance e super inspirador. Nesse ambiente, nossos coworkers trocam experiências, ideias e até mesmo, fazem negócios. Acreditamos num novo jeito de produzir e fazer networking, onde a relação entre o espaço e o indivíduo seja pensada para estimular todo o potencial empreendedor. Mais do que a estrutura básica para produzir, como sala de reunião, internet super fast, armários, cadeiras ergonômicas e impressoras, vamos promover e oferecer uma agenda especial de eventos, serviço de concierge, café lounge, parede de escalada e muito mais (e adoramos sugestões!). São 104 posições de trabalho, com mesas fixas e móveis, planos mensais ou por horas, a partir de R$499,00 mensais. Venha nos conhecer. Os lugares são limitados. Somos um coworking de conveniência, estamos localizados dentro de um Mall, no Alpha Square Mall, com todos os serviços no mesmo lugar, restaurantes, farmácia, cafés e muito mais, basta descer e usufruir dos serviços no mesmo ambiente onde você trabalha. Somos um espaço único em Alphaville com projeto coletivo assinado por dez arquitetos. Trabalhe com qualidade de vida. ____________________________________________________________ We at Orgânico Coworking want to connect companies and professionals from different areas in a high performance and super inspiring ecosystem. In this environment, our coworkers exchange experiences, ideas and even do business. We believe in a new way of producing and networking, where the relationship between space and the individual is designed to stimulate all entrepreneurial potential.

Photo WinPlace Coworking Space

WinPlace Coworking Space

Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

WinPlace is a professional co-working space and a serviced office provider that is located in Citilight Building only a short distance from the central city. With spectacular park views, this space offers clients a comfortable and unique work space. From a workstation to a private office space for two - ten people, WinPlace has numerous choices for your requirement. A professional reception area complete with friendly staff to meet and greet associates and visitors, business lounges, complimentary beverages, communal kitchens and stylish meeting rooms, the only thing missing is you. WinPlace Office will bring a great advantage to businesses in building the image and brand of your company, impressing your customers and partners at the professional level and leading level.

Photo Park Office Escritório Virtual

Park Office Escritório Virtual

Campo Grande, Brazil

Somos um empresa que administra a estrutura física da sua empresa. Estamos focados e comprometidos em ajudar nossos clientes a ter um esccritório com o máximo de conforto e eficiência nas informações e atendimento personalizados. Compartilhamos para ter Sucesso, acreditamos no trabalho em equipe, na excelência e buscamos maneiras novas e inovadoras na busca da excelência na prestação de nossos serviços.

Photo The Virtual Office

The Virtual Office

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Virtual Office is providing Virtual Office facility inclusive all the remarkable features like meeting rooms, dedicated telephone line, postal code, parcel receiving on behalf of your company, pantry facility, 24/7 uninterrupted Internet facility, DEWA, WIFI everything is included in the package. The Virtual Office also serve in custom requirements for large spaces like for 100 people or more. We are proud to announce that "The Virtual Office" is having Dubai Health Authority using our Virtual Office facility and also Emirates Hospital is in our valued clients list. We are committed to provide excellence in our services. The Virtual Office is located in Conrad Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite World Trade Center Metro Station. You can visit our site htts://virtualofficedubai.ae or drop us a message on [email protected]

Photo Thriving Space

Thriving Space

Karachi, Pakistan

Thriving Space is a shared co-working environment based in the mid of the Karachi city. We offer state-of-the-art facilities that allows you to launch your start-ups or accelerate your business in a way that encourages creativity and gives you a chance to connect millions of creative minds at one place. ​Join the team of Thriving Space and work along the like-minded innovative and creative business ideas in an atmosphere specifically designed to grow your ideas into a long term business model. ​Our vision is to create a thriving, collaborative community of conscious co-workers that believe in work-life balance, shared knowledge, productivity and positive social and environmental change.