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Photo Spider Business Center

Spider Business Center

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Our range of office formats which includes virtual office, shared office and executive or serviced office, we enable people and businesses to work where they want, when they want, how they want, and with different price points which suit all.

Photo Pôle numérique

Pôle numérique


Le Pôle numérique est un bouquet de services déployé par "la CCQB" Communauté de Communes Quercy Bouriane Pôle Numérique 20 Boulevard des Martyrs 46300 GOURDON

Photo Poblenou Spaces

Poblenou Spaces

Barcelona, Spain

Coworning in Barcelona, Poblenou, 200 sqm for 12 coworkers, 200 sqm of a great terrace and all the facilities needed for a professional work environment. Poblenou Spaces es un coworking con 12 plazas, espacioso y completo, en Poblenou, Barcelona. Dispone de: sala de reuniones, impresora, baños, office / cocina y una terraza de 200 m2 con todo lo necesario para disfrutar del clima de Barcelona. Enjoy a familiar coworking for 12 people, bathrooms, meeting room, office, printing and a GREAT TERRACE OF 200 m2 !

Photo TheDesk Coworking Space

TheDesk Coworking Space

Islamabad, Pakistan

In coworkingspace industry, TheDesk is the leading entity among its competitors because of its strategic location and being design with state of the art technology and innovation aiming to attract budding entrepreneurs, flourishing freelancers, independent writers, startup enthusiasts and self-employed individuals. TheDesk’s key selling proposition includes - Welcoming Reception - Reliable Internet Connectivity - Shared Desk(s) - Private Office(s) - Dedicated Desk - Conference Room - Cooling/Heating - Private Office - Private meetup Room - Events Venues - Printing Facility - Access to kitchenette For more details and membership plans, please visit our website or pay us a visit for a quick orientation of the space. Contact No: +92 51 8442556

Photo Garage Society (CBG)

Garage Society (CBG)

Gurugram, India

Welcome to GARAGE CYBER GREENS! Our first flagship workspace launched in India Dive into the Garage Society at our new space in DLF Cyber Greens, right in the heart of DLF CyberCity, a futuristic commercial center that is home to top IT & Fortune 500 Companies. Join the modern corporate, surging startups and creative freelancers that call Garage Society home in this convenient and premium location. Work with the best - CyberCity is home to numerous MNCs’ & Startups Connect your workforce - enjoy premium access via elevated walkways, wide roads, and strong Metro connectivity. Extensive retail amenities - CyberHub features over 20 F&B outlets, bars, salons, and stores

Photo PCB Manufacturing USA

PCB Manufacturing USA

West Chicago, United States

American Standard Circuit has acted as a Supporting Pillar to Marine & Space Electronics, Automotive and Navigation Circuits and from Testing Model to Volume Production. We specialize in “Flexible PCB and Rigid Flexible PCB , Metal Clad PCB [MCPCB], Insulated Metal PCB [IMPCB], RF / Microwave PCB, RF Metal Backed PCB & Digital PCB” but at the same time we are not limited to them. We do offer to assemble PCB on any Surface, Size or Shape. We do use all type of metals required as per your budget and technical needs. Total production takes place in house with flawless quality controls you can trust upon. For any of the query do feel free to contact us on [email protected] or [email protected] without any hesitation.

Photo Meet in Place – King William, LDN

Meet in Place – King William, LDN

London, United Kingdom

Welcome to Meet in Place, London, where well-appointed interiors mingle with superior services. Near the iconic monument, Meet in Place King William St. offers up the best of historic London combined with the City’s bustling financial centre - perfect for meetings, conferences and offsites.

Photo Meet in Place – Rothschild 8, TLV

Meet in Place – Rothschild 8, TLV

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Tel Aviv is where creativity sparkles and where “impossible” is never an option. Rothschild Boulevard humming 24/7, is worldly and Middle Eastern and warmly welcomes everyone. Welcome to Meet in Place, Rothschild, an oasis of harmony amidst the hustle and bustle of the Startup nation.

Photo Meet in Place – Midtown, NYC

Meet in Place – Midtown, NYC

New York, United States

In the center of Manhattan, just 3 minutes’ walk from Grand Central Station, welcome to the beating heart of the city, Meet in Place, Midtown. Here, in this meticulously designed location, you can shut out the noise of this great city while still channeling its incredible energy and creativity.

Photo Meet in Place – SoHo, NYC

Meet in Place – SoHo, NYC

New York, United States

SoHo is a haven for artists and designers, home for fashion and lifestyle industries, enabling both a relief from the noise and traffic of the city. Meet in Place SoHo channels this unique neighborhood to provide a space that is uplifting, charming and sophisticated. Perfect for private meetings, conferences or offsites.

Photo Meet in Place – FiDi, NYC

Meet in Place – FiDi, NYC

New York, United States

In the center of the most iconic financial district in the world is Meet in Place FiDi, equidistant from One World Trade Center and Brooklyn Bridge. This venue offers an island of calm amidst the fast-paced pulse of the district, enabling meaningful business encounters such as meetings, conferences and offsites.

Photo Meet in Place – Soho Square, LDN

Meet in Place – Soho Square, LDN

London, United Kingdom

To be at home in London means to be busy, informed and cosmopolitan. It means having a local touch but with a global outlook. Welcome to Meet in Place, London, Soho site, located on the iconic Soho Square. Plan meetings, conferences and offsites in a location that exudes sophistication and calm

Photo Anthill Space

Anthill Space

Kyiv, Ukraine

Anthill Space is a unique coworking space built for innovators, startups, students, digital nomads and hackers allowing them to work on their prototypes, experiments and projects. It offers innovative and creative working environment in the open space, private offices, meeting and conference rooms, video studio and best coffee in Kyiv! The monthly membership starts at $95. Welcome: 24/7/365 coworking space

Photo Bitcoin Casino is Legal?

Bitcoin Casino is Legal?

Los Angeles, United States

Although Bitcoins are operated across the globe digitally as the information flows freely in some countries and territories that have created their own rules and regulation to use Bitcoin and operate Bitcoin casinos but the answer remains a No. The Bitcoin casino is illegal in some provinces but gambling is considered to be legal in some areas.  Remember, you need not consider the gambling laws here, the Bitcoin itself might be regulated or outlawed. The bitcoin has not violated any laws it is still operated in some of the grey areas with due respect and consideration of regulations. There are many concerns to use the Bitcoin as Launder money or to purchase the illegal items. There have been no warrants and arrests or any other legal actions taken against the gamblers till now. So, there are many questions related to the legal features of Bitcoin Casino and whether it is legal or not. So, let us talk about its legality all across the globe. Bitcoin casino legality overview What do you understand by the term Legality for Bitcoin and that too for the gamblers and traders across the globe?  Here we have covered four countries to get the actual picture of weather Bitcoins casinos are legal or illegal. USA: In the USA the Bitcoin casino or gambling is legal in 8 states and illegal in the rest of the states. Bitcoin trading is legal by the treasury of the US to decentralize the virtual currency. The taxes are must be paid on the Bitcoin earnings. Canada: Under Canadian law, its set to be illegal to provide the Canadian citizens the services related to online gambling or Bitcoin casino, and this is considered to be illegal. However, trading in Bitcoins is legal unlike Bitcoin casino and all the profits made from the currency have to be claimed as the “Capital gains” and then taxed. UK: The only restriction you get while gambling in the UK is you have to be 18 years and above to be the gambler or play Bitcoin casino. Although the states and the provinces but they have not accepted any comments regarding trading using Bitcoin currencies. Russia:  Bitcoin Casino is legal but not online, the Bitcoin gambling is legal in Russia and it runs lotteries and betting schemes. In the year if 2018, the Russian govt. have released the federal law for the Digital financial assets. In a conclusive viewpoint: In the end, it is true to say that there are many countries and provinces which are still not convincing to legalize the Bitcoin casino or gambling online. However, the majority of them are still working upon the aspect to legalize the Bitcoin trading and bitcoin casino and they think that it will play a major role to boost the economic status of the world. Moreover, it can stabilize the economic concerns that are considered to be major across the globe. But if you just wanted to know whether the Bitcoin casino is legal or illegal, then the answer remains a “No”.

Photo CoFynd – Fynd the right Workspace, Globally

CoFynd – Fynd the right Workspace, Globally

Gurgaon, India

CoFynd is a coworking aggregation platform that helps in getting the workspace by just sitting at your desk. We have partnered with the top coworking space companies and currently operational in Delhi, Noida and Gurugram. We offer plug and play workspace options for freelancers, startups, SME's and large organizations. Just Search. Book. Work.

Photo Community Coworks

Community Coworks

Mumbai , India

Premium yet budget friendly Co-working space providing managed office space to startups, freelancers & business owners at the corporate hub of Mumbai.

Photo Casulu – Ruy Carneiro

Casulu – Ruy Carneiro

João Pessoa, Brazil

Nós somos uma rede colaborativa formada por profissionais das mais distintas áreas, com o intuito de proporcionar desenvolvimento e bem-estar para a sociedade como um todo. Pensando nisso, criamos projetos e serviços para auxiliar nesse objetivo comum. Nosso espaço de coworking foi formado com esse pensamento, de não ser só mais um espaço para atendimento, e sim um lugar para a criatividade e o empreendedorismo!

Photo Casulu


João Pessoa, Brazil

Nós somos uma rede colaborativa formada por profissionais das mais distintas áreas, com o intuito de proporcionar desenvolvimento e bem-estar para a sociedade como um todo. Pensando nisso, criamos projetos e serviços para auxiliar nesse objetivo comum. Nosso espaço de coworking foi formado com esse pensamento, de não ser só mais um espaço para atendimento, e sim um lugar para a criatividade e o empreendedorismo!

Photo WorkStudio Co-Working Spaces

WorkStudio Co-Working Spaces

Colombo, Sri Lanka

WorkStudio believes your workspace should adjust to your needs and not vice versa. We build quality workspaces packed with modern amenities, and offer monthly membership packages that give you the freedom and flexibility to be successful. WorkStudio features state-of-the-art private offices, and coworking space where you’ll feel energized. The right workplace is like a recipe for work wellness; you feel better, you focus better, you’re more motivated, you recharge, and you get more done. When you walk in the door at WorkStudio, you’ll feel it.

Photo Garage Society

Garage Society

Gurugram, India

Located at AIHP Executive Centre it has the capacity to seat 1200 members and comes fitted with modern office amenities. It also offers a host of support services such as multiple F&B outlets, Child daycare, last-mile connectivity, terrace garden and Indoor & Outdoor event Space. Neighborhood Highlights -Cyberhub is just a short 5-minute drive from our workspace. -Close to Unplugged Courtyard, Trident and Oberoi Hotel. -There is an upcoming project- Cyber Park right next to the workspace.

Photo Knowlab


MEDEA, Algeria

KnowLab is a coworking space by Almaahed Pro International Company. It is a spectacular place where work, development and fun meet. It has a fascinating shared space, in addition to offices for startups and entrepreneurs, along a big and well equipped conference room. It has a strategic location in Medea Center 80 Km from the capital Algiers and on the National Route N1. Apart from the amenities it provides, the team is very welcoming and the community is inspirational. KnowLab organizes workshops weekly and has on a regular basis digital days and bring and bubble to meet up with the community and exchange on some local food and a coffee or tea. Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur or an experienced freelancers, KnowLab is a place not to miss!

Photo Espaço 365 Coworking

Espaço 365 Coworking

Brasília, Brazil

O Espaço 365 é um espaço de coworking formado por pessoas incríveis e infinitas possibilidades. Inovação é uma das frentes do negócio. O espaço é o primeiro do Brasil com acesso aos ambientes totalmente por celular, sem chaves e 24 horas! Design é outra das frentes e aqui contamos com uma estrutura moderna e completa pensada de forma a tornar a experiência do usuário a melhor possível e facilitar a geração de novos negócios. Além disso, também temos um café, um ambiente para servir como ponto de encontro para cursos, workshops, jantares, coquetéis ou simplesmente para reunir os amigos e desfrutar de um bom papo. Vem com a gente! #somos365" Espaço 365 is a coworking space made of incredible people and unlimited possibilities. Innovation is one of the fronts of the business. It is the first Coworking in Brazil with access to all environments by cell phone, without keys and 24 hours! Design is another front and here we have a modern and complete structure designed to make the user experience the best it can be and to facilitate the development of new business. We also have a cafeteria, an environment to be used for meetings, courses, workshops, dinners, cocktails or simply to gather friends and enjoy a good chat. Come with us! #somos365 #weare365

Photo The Space Coworking

The Space Coworking

Kyiv, Ukraine

We host representatives of all different professions every day. Specialists in the field of IT-technologies, SMM, Internet marketing, SEO and many other professionals, who are able to share their experience and constantly improve their own skills. We offer alternatives for both startups and large companies. In addition to a pleasant atmosphere, in which you will feel your own strength, we provide: - high speed Internet - 24/7 access - use of 17 meeting rooms - 11 Skype rooms - access to all Lounge areas - zones for printing - office supplies - coffee-points with snacks - 2 large kitchens - showers - all utility bills - security: guarding and CCTV monitoring - IT-support - cleaning

Photo Innovation DuPage

Innovation DuPage

Glen Ellyn, United States

INNOVATION DUPAGE (ID) IS A NON-PROFIT VENTURE THAT UNITES ENTREPRENEURS AND SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS WITH THE PEOPLE, RESOURCES AND PROGRAMS THAT HELP THEM GROW. We connect our members with vetted mentors who can help establish a strong foundation as they rapidly scale. We are a place to belong, offering workshops and inclusive co-working. We are a community, a place to try new things and build on your ideas.