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San Francisco, United States

SHARED is the most unique coworking space in San Francisco, located in the heart of SoMa: coworking + maker space.

SHARED has all the office amenities of a traditional coworking space and added to a maker space. It has office space, fabrication space, a shared work shop with tools and equipment, meeting rooms, kitchen, and classes, and events.

SHARED is a space for creative people to work and collaborate together. It is based in the belief that together we can create greater things than we could individually or in isolation.

Coworking Cuenca

Cuenca, Ecuador

Coworking Cuenca is a house over the river where about 35 people attend most mornings and afternoons. Most of them are guys. The house is the venue of five different enteprises: they build cybernetic hands, pronounce encouraging speeches, systematize house behaviors, write thousands of lines of code and struggle fiercely over a ping pong table. Inside the house there's four bathrooms and hundreds of plastic toys. The toys have been distributed among shelves and couches and over walls on quite bright colours, and there has been no penalty on railing against geek canon: Neo and Yoda can skirmish against each other over the same furniture.

Everyone is on their own thing and everyone's talking all the time. There's encyclopedic conviction on comics and past experiences on Java; condiment harvest predictions, hidden levels on videogames, non-forecasted tv episodes, weekend adventures, personality boundaries and technology arqueology. But, furthermore, there's more chatting about the future than about the past. Everyone is everywhere everytime, and there's a lot of data being recollected all the time. Everything is saved on the cloud. Everyone is sort of a philosopher, and their beliefs are not only peculiar but profound. Therefore, there are arguments all time; sometimes there are even agreements.


Chiang Mai, Thailand

Private office
Meeting room
Nap room
Skype room
Visit website for more info.


Brasília, Brazil

We provide all you need for an effective, efficient workplace wherever and however you want. Use our network to be as efficient on the move as you are in the office. You can arrange our meeting rooms for all kinds of business occasions.
A business address in the right place and a local contact number answered in your company name can make all the difference in business.


Cairo, Egypt

302 Labs is a community hub in Cairo for early stage startups and freelancers! .. We Are Open 24 Hours

Pluto Coworking

Alexandria, Egypt

Pluto is a comuinty hub for entrepreneurs, freelancers, youth initiatives and others.


giza, Egypt

Out of our belief in the potential of our country, and the rise of the ‘shareconomy’ initiatives everywhere in the world; we decided to introduce one more 'YARD' to the short list of coworking spaces in Cairo!

We understand that coworking is not just a shared office; it is more of a workspace that connects talented people who are still working independently, but interested in the opportunities and ideas that can be created from working with like-minded people in the same space. Therefore, we do our best to make 'Businessyard Coworking Spaces' creative work environments for small businesses, entrepreneur , freelancers and start-ups. We also plan programs and events to inspire, educate, mentor and bond the members and to support the entrepreneurs’ community in general.

Bsuinessyard facility includes public coworking space, closed offices, recreational areas and small & large meetings rooms equipped with the presentation and illustration tools.


York, United States

The hub of creativity was created as a membership-based community that provides quiet workspace and private meeting rooms to a network of independent professionals, along with business-class amenities like high-speed Internet access, incoming mail service, and printing and copying services. We also offer training and professional development opportunities and host community events.

Qafeer Labs

6 October City, Egypt

Qafeer Labs is a Startup that supports entrepreneurs to build successful startups in 6 October City through maintaining strong community of entrepreneurs and techies and offering incubation programs that support ideators to build world class startups.
Qafeer Labs has three community activities; Cowork Lab is a Coworking space service offered for entrepreneurs, freelancers and teams, Skills Lab organizing workshop-like sessions (CrashCourses) that promote the spirit of knowledge exchange, DIY and learning by doing, Connect Lab organizing and hosting a wide spectrum of events that push the community to communicate, network and share experiences, ideas and knowledge. On the hand Qafeer Labs runs three incubation programs, Qafeer Hatchery, Qafeer Technovator and Qafeer Incubator that support ideators to build world class startups.

Co-Work Montevideo

Montevideo, Uruguay


Uruguay tiene todas las condiciones para estar en la primera linea del emprendimiento global.
La unión de factores como un mercado pequeño y gran talento hacen de Montevideo un semillero de empresas con potencial regional y global.
Este sede es hogar de la Incubadora DaVinci y del club de inversionistas ángeles AngelClub, aportando a la creación de una comunidad protagonista del emprendimiento uruguayo.

Co-Work UC San Joaquín

Santiago, Chile

Ubicado en el 5to piso del Centro de Innovación UC Anacleto Angellini,
Co-Work ofrece sus espacios para fomentar alianzas entre empresas, profesores, estudiantes y mucho más.
Comparte en el mismo sitio que conviven las empresas más innovadoras de Chile y forma parte de la comunidad de la innovación.
Forma parte del ecosistema emprendedor, mucho más que alquilar una oficina compartida.

Co-Work La Concepción

Santiago, Chile

En el corazón de Providencia, Co-Work y Betazeta colaboran para crear un espacio de talentos multidisciplinarios.
Si eres de los que les gusta un espacio más corporativo y te interesa compartir con los creadores de FayerWayer, no lo pienses más porque este es tu lugar.

Co-Work El Golf

Santiago, Chile

Este espacio, en el corazón del bario El Golf, busca concentrar emprendedores y freelancers de la comuna de Las Condes, que gracias a un acuerdo con la Municipalidad, acceden a beneficios importantes en los planes y servicios de Co-Work.
El trabajo con la Municipalidad genera un nuevo espacio para la constante ampliación de la comunidad que gira en torno a Co-Work.

Co-Work Encomenderos

Santiago, Chile

Convirtiéndolo en un lugar rico en comunidad y creación de oportunidades.
Encomenderos también es el hogar de la Asociación de Emprendedores de Chile (ASECH), lo que permite a nuestros miembros estar en la primera línea del emprendimiento chileno.


Recife, Brazil

Dois andares, mais de 500 metros quadrados de área disponível. Um auditório para 120 lugares, outro para 50 lugares, copa e serviços de alimentação e bebidas, érea de convivência, mais um andar com 200 lugares entre mesas individuais e coletivas, área de descanso e convivência, armários para escritórios e empresas virtuais, localizado no centro da Economia Criativa do Estado de Pernambuco, mais precisamente no Marco ZERO do Estado, Porto Digital, Pça. Rio Branco número 18, prédio da Associação Comercial de Pernambuco - ACP. A Associação Comercial de Pernambuco - ACP, fundada em 1839, apenas 17 anos após a independência do Brasil, completará, agora em 1º de agosto de 2014, 175 anos. Sendo a segunda mais antiga entidade do gênero no Brasil. Instituição Beneficente por Decreto do Governo Imperial em 14 de agosto 1854. Reconhecida como de Utilidade Pública por Lei Federal em 10 de janeiro de 1917. Designada como Órgão Consultivo Governamental, pelo Decreto Federal nr. 341, de 08 de dezembro de 1941. Quase como um presente, o Conselho de Jovens Empresários da Associação Comercial de Pernambuco-COJAC, braço ativo, estatutário da ACP, “emplaca” um de seus projetos com força total; Programa de Desenvolvimento Empreendedor – PDE, www.tudoe.com.br , e a necessidade de um espaço de trabalho diferenciado se fez presenta, daí o surgimento do Coworking ACP. Previsão de inauguração do espaço "full" em maio de 2015, contudo já funcionamos com coaching empreendedor e consultoria para empreendedores desde abril de 2014.

In Good Company

Wellington, New Zealand

In Good Company is a permanent coworking space & a flexible hotdesking spot for entrepreneurs, freelancers & artists.
We have a fun inhouse gallery- expect to be mused.

On Request
email: hi@ingoodcompany.co.nz
After-hours workshops, events, hot-desking welcome


Close to all CBD cafes & bars. Printing facilities avaliable.

Connect Cowork

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Create, Connect, Cowork

We're the first coworking space in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We tailor to freelancers and professionals looking for a place to work or meet. We organize weekly events such as meetups and happy our so members can get together and know each other. We're trying to build a community in what some people consider to be a difficult place to do business...so we're trying to change that.

We're located in Colonia Matamoros, Plaza La Mata by Avenida La Plaza


Coworking Friendly 3.0

Firenze, Italy

[ITA]Opportunità di Relazioni Lavorative, che favoriscono lo sviluppo di progetti e idee in fase di startup su valutazione e accompagnamento di Business Angels. L'Hub Space moderno e innovativo è pensato per sviluppare le forme di lavoro e le nuove idee di tutte le professioni: Freelance, Programmatori, WebEditor, Grafici, Artigiani Digitali, SEO Manager, Architetti, Designer, Avvocati, Commercialisti, Prfessionisti e Business Angel. Dotato anche di spazi privati per concentrarsi, sala riunioni e meeting, zona relax e cucina.

[ENG] Relations of Work Opportunities, which encourage the development of projects, work sharing and ideas, make real startup phase with Advice and Investments of Business Angels. The Hub Space is modern and innovative, designed to develop new forms of work and ideas for all professions: Freelancers Programmers, WebEditor, Graphic Designers, Digital Artisans, SEO Managers, Architects, Designers, Lawyers, Accountants, and Business Angel. The Coworking Space has some private areas where focus, meeting, relaxing and have a break or eat.

Info -
Tel: 0553840674
E-mail: coworking3.0@gmail.com


Mazatlán, Mexico

Somos un espacio colaborativo en donde tu puedes desarrollar tu negocio, teniendo siempre a la mano los mejores servicios para tu empresa.
Es una red de miembros activos que en colaboración ayudan a desarrollar tu negocio, para diversas necesidades, al igual contamos con una red de expertos que nos respalda para dar asesorías especificas y capacitación especializada

Taipei CoSpace

Taipei, Taiwan

台灣第一座由政府公營的共同工作空間「臺北創新實驗室(Taipei Co-Space)」,作為設計師、數位內容及創新工作人士的創意基地,除提供創意工作者短期工作外,亦定期辦理跨領域社群分享活動,並安排專業管理顧問輔導,引進企業界合作資源,協助業務商機開拓,以協助創新工作人士早日實現創業夢想,為城市孕育更多創新力量。設置地點位於內湖運動中心二樓,可同時提供游泳池、攀岩場、多功能綜合球場等運動設備,交通則鄰近捷運港墘站

L’@telier du Pilat Rhodanien

Pélussin, France

L'@telier: Premier Espace de coworking au coeur du Pilat
Cet espace est composé d'un Open Space de 9 places, de 2 bureaux privatifs.
Services proposés: imprimante/scanner/photocopieur/téléphonie/thé, café/cuisine
Possibilité de location d'une salle de réunion d'une capacité de 25 personnes, ainsi qu'une salle multimédia de 8 pc portable


Moncton, Canada

Impactory's ambition is to become a second home for the most dynamic and creative workers and startups from this city.

What will you find in our spaces : a unique design, a lot of commodities, a really nice staff and most importantly, an amazing community of talents from all backgrounds !

Are you looking for a place to work, learn and share ideas with others ? Do you want to take your business to the next level ?


Caxias do Sul, Brazil

São espaços de trabalho voltados para as mais diversas áreas profissionais. Possuímos uma infraestrutura física e operacional para trabalhar com conforto, com qualidade e com excelente custo-benefício.

Dividimos nossa estrutura em Espaço Coworking, Escritórios Executivos, Escritórios Virtuais, Sala de Atendimento e Auditório. Cada um deles atende uma necessidade diferente, mas todos integrados. Saiba mais sobre estes espaços e veja qual se encaixa melhor no seu propósito. Conheça um pouco mais sobre nossos espaços e serviços. Venha nos visitar, será um prazer recebê-lo.

Ôshi Cowork

Campinas , Brazil

Completa estrutura corporativa

Ambiente Climatizado

Copa Equipada

Café...muito café gratuito e guloseimas.

Impressora Compartilhada

Sala de reunião multimídia

Possuímos 3 salas de reuniões multimídia com TV de 32 polegadas que comporta até 4 a 10 pessoas

Internet de Alta Velocidade

Localização Privilegiada e Fácil Acesso

Possui uma localização privilegiada, na Rodovia Dom Pedro I, próximo aos melhores hotéis da região, UNICAMP,Shopping Dom Pedro, Shopping Galleria e Shopping Iguatemi, assim como aeroportos e acesso rápido para as principais rodovias da região.

Segurança 24h

Portaria e recepções com acesso controlado, condomínio monitorado 24h por dia, com portas automátizadas que restringem o acesso, alémm de outras tecnologias.

Ampla praça de alimentação

Restaurantes de culinária tradicional, italiana, japonesa e natural, lanches, pizzas, salgados, café, sucos e sobremesas, tudo sem precisar sair do condomínio.

Diversas opções de conveniência e serviços

Nos mais variados segmentos: Farmácia, Papelaria e Revistaria, Banco 24h, Bancos, Agência de Viagens, Moda, Academia, Salão de Beleza e Lava Rápido.

Fácil localização interna

Recepção em todos os blocos, boa sinalização e comunicação visual interna.

Estacionamento 24h

Amplo estacionamento próprio que atende a funcionários e visitantes, conta com segurança 24 horas. Com 783 vagas e vallet.