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Diagonal237 is a technological TIC coworking space where we help coworkers to networking as much as posible between them. We have our own datacenter where we can host and house websites of programmers and third parties. We, consequently, have a very fast and wide internet connection helping developers to easy work with their customers. We are both coworking and business center as some of our customer wnat to work in a separate space but be connected with community. Please, visit www.diagonal237.com website or make a virtual visit clicking on that link: https://www.google.es/maps/@41.401815,2.181453,3a,75y,153.54h,91.93t/data=!3m5!1e1!3m3!1s3l3EK8Fk0qwAAAQXRfPV6g!2e0!3e2
See you soon!!

Photo Óca Coworking

Óca Coworking

São Leopoldo, Brazil

Quem somos?

A Óca é um escritório compartilhado onde profissionais de áreas independentes podem desempenhar suas atividades, interagir com outros profissionais e gerar networking.

Por que Coworking?

Coworking é uma tendência mundial para um novo padrão de trabalho. É um ambiente compartilhado por um grupo de profissionais independentes, que, além de dividir espaço, internet e telefone, formam uma comunidade. É uma ótima maneira de gerar networking.

Por que a Óca?

O nosso principal foco é contribuir para o crescimento da cidade de São Leopoldo apoiando profissionais liberais e pequenas empresas, trazendo benefícios tangíveis e intangíveis, e gerando um incremento na economia local.


Photo BLANKSPACES Santa Monica


Santa Monica, United States

BLANKSPACES is a coworking community of entrepreneurs and freelancers who share office space in order to collaborate. Office spaces are available by the hour, week, and month.

Photo Mega Coworking

Mega Coworking

SP, Brazil

Mega Coworking
A Mega Coworking é um espaço de trabalho compartilhado, em SP na região do Tatuapé , Moóca e Belenzinho.
Um ambiente simples e aconchegante com tudo que você precisa pra trabalhar bem, onde ideias se transformam em resultados.
Proporcionar as pessoas que trabalham sozinhas, um ambiente agradável e descontraído proporcionando um melhor relacionamento social e oportunidade de Negócios.

Photo Pipoca Coworking

Pipoca Coworking

Barcelona, Spain

Pipoca is a Coworking space, in the heart of Barcelona, that offers bespoke office coworking space for all types of businesses and freelancers. The space is specifically designed to be a hub for collaboration and innovation.

Photo Impact Hub Brixton

Impact Hub Brixton

London, United Kingdom

Whether you’re start-up, small business, social enterpreneur or a feelancer we’d love to welcome you at Impact Hub Brixton!
We are a unique coworking space and community of entrepreneurs in central Brixton; we run a curated learning programme and offer a hosted environment to help members connect and do their best work. We are part of a global movement of 60+ Impact Hubs with 11000+ members around the world.



Valladolid, Spain

Open Box es un nuevo concepto de coworking en Valladolid, ofrecemos despachos en alquiler donde podrás trabajar sin distracciones, recibir clientes y además tienes a tu disposición nuestro MeetingBox y CoffeeBox.

Photo S7 Coworking

S7 Coworking

Florianópolis, Brazil

S7 is an amazing coworking space located in the heart of the beautiful Florianópolis, Brazil. Once you are in town for either business ou leisure, this is the place to be to get things done, for a quick meeting ou just to hang out with friends in a great atmosphere. You'll find virtually everything you need in its surroundings, walking distance. Hotels, malls, restaurants, retail stores, clubs, services in general, and the breathtaking Beira Mar Avenue, with its bike path, open air gym, etc. Furthermore, the S7 both runs and hosts tons of exhibits, courses and workshops in the Arts & Sciences, so you will be always ready to teach, learn, meet and share.

Photo Epicentro Coworking Space

Epicentro Coworking Space

Medellín, Colombia

Epicentro es un espacio para aprender,compartir y desarrollar proyectos. Somos un espacio donde se fomenta la comunicación abierta, la colaboración, el trabajo multidisciplinario y el intercambio de información profesional; un espacio informal para intercambiar ideas y desarrollar las propias.

Promovemos el trabajo colaborativo entre proyectos y emprendedores para ayudar en su fortalecimiento y consolidación.

De esta forma queremos ser una plataforma de lanzamiento para proyectos de la industria creativa y cultural.

Photo BoxJelly


Honolulu, United States

BoxJelly is Hawai`i's first coworking space. We have a mix of open desks, reserved desks, tenant spaces, and meeting rooms. Memberships are monthly, and travel packs are available for those who reside beyond O`ahu island.

Photo Envision Lab

Envision Lab

Mankato, MN, United States

At Envision Lab we love people. We love how people work. We love what people do.

Our unique coworking space is nestled in the Minnesota River Valley, offering an innovative space for creative freelancers, bold social entrepreneurs, and innovative businesses and organizations. Coworking spaces provide a shared environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, telecommuters, and anyone else who needs office space away from their workspace, home, or coffee shop. Envision Lab is a space that offers people access to shared workspace in a community of dreamers, developers and doers. Envision Lab is created by those who come - it is a refuge from the noise of a coffee shop and a innovative space for working on creative projects or having conference meetings. It can also be a great way to socially network with other professionals and entrepreneurs in Mankato and across southern Minnesota. We provide you a creative, collaborative and innovative meeting space for your team. We provide you a space to come and dream, develop and do the work you are called to do in this world. Join us today!

Photo Generator Hub

Generator Hub

Chisinau, Moldova

The Generator Hub is the first and biggest co-working space in Chisinau with a total area of ​​300 square meters, offering flexible and affordable working spaces for 60 seats in an open plan environment. It's a great place to work with talented people, so grab your laptop and come here to say “Hi”!
We are passionate about innovation and believe that through sharing skills and experiences, we can help each other improve at what we do.

You can find us in the heart of Chisinau, behind on Kentford Business Center. Here is the place you want to be if you think that working from home is frustrating and want to find motivation, inspiration, and be productively stimulated.

Total space of Generator Hub supports up to a maximum of 150 people at an event.
Both visitors and members have free acces on the internet, electirc power, groups saniatare (toilette), elevators and security guards.
Generator Hub is open daily 24/24 for visitors and members.

Photo La Fabrik

La Fabrik

Mont-Laurier, Canada

Créer un espace de travail créatif, dynamique, agréable et visant à augmenter la qualité de vie des membres, faciliter l’entraide, le réseautage et le partenariat, tout en réduisant les coûts et en accentuant leur visibilité.

Location par bloc de 2 heures.
Location à la semaine.
Location au mois.
Location à l'année.

Photo Uber Office

Uber Office

London, United Kingdom

Uber Office is a shared desk space environment like no other in London. Launch your start-up or build your business in a scene that encourages collaboration and creativity.

State of the art facilities combine with chic spaces and furnishings for the ultimate workplace experience.

* Wide desks and ergonomic chairs provide the comfort you need to get down to business. Each station is equipped with a lockable cabinet and outlets for power/internet.

* Share ideas, trade expertise and find motivation among fellow professionals in our many communal areas.

* Stay energised or rejuvenate with our complimentary kitchen service. Enjoy barista style coffee, a range of tea and soft drinks that you may also offer to your guests.

* Our high style meeting room features an LCD television screen, Skype facilities, Apple TV and Sonos sound systems to give your business presentations the prestige they deserve.

* This meeting room has the capacity for 6-8 people. * Other features include reception area, event space and a never ending jar of lollies.

Just a two minute walk from Victoria station and you are with us!

Photo Hypercube Hub

Hypercube Hub

Harare, Zimbabwe

Hypercube is a coworking space for entrepreneurs, innovators and digital startups. We believe in the transformative power of technology and are committed to helping startups build solutions that meet the needs of local communities. We are passionate about innovation and believe that through sharing skills and experiences, we can help each other improve at what we do.

Photo Fox Offices

Fox Offices

Marina Del Rey , United States

Private, high-standing offices in a snazzy place are now available for your Company in Marina del Rey.

Are you an entrepreneur or a free-lancer who doesn't want to bother with office problems or can't afford inflexible commercial real estate leases and maintain large, empty spaces?
Fox Offices are everything a human being needs to focus on his business' success: big windows for a marvelous natural light, conference rooms, internet and facilities, private parking, and an amazing break-out area outside where you can relax and have a chat or continue working with your Wi-Fi connection.
Public transportation is nearby and the place is 7 minutes far on foot from restaurants, cafes, shops and 12 minutes away from the beach by bike.
This is the place you want to be if you think that working from home is frustrating and want to find motivation, inspiration, and be productively stimulated.




Um espaço dinamico e alegre para seu negócio.

Photo EdZone


Alexandria, Egypt

EdZone is where you can work professionally , study better , develop personally & professionally and if you are a Start-Up EdZone will boost you up

Photo Nest Co_Working :: Vitória/ES

Nest Co_Working :: Vitória/ES

Vitoria, Brazil

Nest Co_Working is all about community, common growth and coffee!
Likewise a nest, we build our strength with time, piece by piece, all along dedication and collaboration. Nest CoWorking has a greater purpose of common growth and has a mission to uplift each member endeavor opening network and mentorship all over Brazil.

Just throw your heart into it!
Come visit us! Tell us you've seen this post at CoWorkingMap.org and we'll give you a free-day pass!


Photo The Hub Singapore

The Hub Singapore

Singapore , Singapore

We know that it takes courage to pursue life on your own terms. That's why we've built a home for courageous people and businesses to work together. We close social distances, enabling you to launch your ventures and scale your businesses.

More than just a coworking space, we're a trusted community, stimulating events platform, and a base from which to launch your business and scale your impact.

At The Hub Singapore, find co-conspirators, mentors, investors, creators, partners and allies. We are the only space to bring together people serious about pursuing purpose-- whether it is personal purpose through self-actualization, or societal purpose in solving the most pressing issues of today.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, social entrepreneur, professional, techie, designer, civil servant, student or just someone with an idea... Work in a collaborative environment, with the support of a likeminded community behind you!

With nearly 500 members in Singapore, and a global network of 10,000+ fellow innovators across 60+ Hubs (the Impact Hub network), you'll never walk alone.



Berlin, Germany

Coworking is when freelancers, students, and web workers share a common place to work.

If you still haven’t mastered the art of balancing your laptop on tiny coffee tables; if you’re tired of being asked if you wanted another coffee every 10 minutes by the waitress just to use the free wifi at your local coffee shop; or if your roommates are making fun of you because you just spent another full week at home without seeing the light of day – then you’re probably ready for a coworking space.

At Launch, we embrace the concept and as such, we’re renting out desks in our gorgeous office in Berlin-Friedrichshain that’s actually the parish house of an old church. We welcome people who don’t want their own office but still would like to have other nice people around – folks to bounce ideas off, go for lunch or maybe devise plans for the next big thing.

We also provide our beautiful meeting room for when our coworkers want to host clients, organize a user group meeting, or even watch a soccer match. Oh, and there’s a roof top terrace, too!

Photo Magicville


Bogotá, Colombia

Magicville is a coworking + living space in Bogotá, where people from different parts of the world can have an intercultural experience that empowers the creation, development, & production of their startup ideas. Our goal is to create an environment that fosters small enterprises and personal projects. We strive to make it all come together by creating family-like community in one of Bogota's most central locations, giving people the social support, convenience, & affordability they need to turn a dream into reality.

Magicville - make it come alive.

Photo Racket Room Collective

Racket Room Collective

Quezon City, Philippines

Racket Room is a shared office where entrepreneurs can make the most of their endeavors, get their ideas in motion, and be around like-minded people.

Photo Myhub Coworking

Myhub Coworking

São Paulo, Brazil

Primeiro escritório compartilhado localizado na zona norte de São Paulo. Conta com 30 espaços de trabalho.
Oferecemos uma infra-estrutura completa para você se dedicar 100% ao seu negócio.

Estações de trabalho fixas e compartilhadas.
Cadeiras ergonômicas.
Armários do tipo “locker” com chave.
2 Links de Internet Banda-larga de alta velocidade.
Rede wireless (sem-fio) e cabeada.
Ar Condicionado.
Sala de Reunião até 10 pessoas.
Espaço para Eventos até 30 pessoas.
Copa/Cozinha com microondas e geladeira.
Café, água e biscoitos à vontade.