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Marine Park

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Coworking space specialized in marine and blue growth companies and SMEs.
Moreover of the community and work space, we have laboratory, workshop, test área, warehouse, all surrounded of a great place where you can enjoy of the sea 365 days per year!.
If your motivation is the sea, come with us! and makes the sea a place where develop your business!

Cowo ToWork

Torino, Italy

coworking & coopetition, uffici, desk in open-space, sale riunioni, meeting, corsi.

Coworking Blitz Gràcia

Barcelona, Spain

Coworking situado en el Barrio de Gràcia en Barcelona. Posee todos los servicios que puedas necesitar: sala para reuniones, cocina equipada, terraza...Es un espacio agradable para trabajar, con mucha luz, buena gente, con unas vistas de Barcelona fantásticas ¡Lugar idóneo para motivarte y crear!

Oficina Capital

santa rosa, Argentina

Oficina Capital es un espacio para la cooperación, la colaboración, la generación de ideas y sinergias, la tolerancia, el respeto, la
innovación, la solidaridad, la ilusión, la productividad, la independencia, el emprendimiento, las soluciones y las personas.

Nuestros espacios de co‐trabajo (coworking) permiten a las nuevas empresas cumplir con los clientes y mostrar un nivel de profesionalismo
importante. Nuestros espacios de co‐trabajo (coworking) cuentan con servicios de incubadora, conectando a las nuevas empresas a posibles inversionistas,
mentores y otros recursos valiosos.‐

El coworking es un nuevo concepto que "reinventa la forma de trabajo", basada en la creación de una comunidad
que comparten los valores e intereses de todos sus miembros en un ambiente agradable.-

Space Up

Barcelona, Spain

Space Up, we want promoting the growth of small and medium-sized businesses and freelance professionals, through material, logistics and highly professional human support. Not limiting ourselves to just offer rental offices, meeting rooms or coworking table. Our objective is to become a benchmark in the provision of the highest quality business services, by seeking new formulas that enable companies to take maximum advantage of their effort to guarantee follow-through on their proposals, innovatory spirit and the services it offers.

Our values are:

- Commitment
- Rigour, coherence and professionalism
- Reliability and trustworthiness
- Flexibility and the drive to improve
- Promote the creation of added value and synergies .
- Improve competitiveness.

Tway Offices

Curitiba, Brazil

Em Curitiba, o escritório de coworking Tway Offices oferece toda a estrutura e apoio administrativo que você necessita para trabalhar. Você também vai conviver e se conectar com uma comunidade de profissionais e empreendedores com objetivos similares. A tranquilidade da região do Ahú, o ambiente aconchegante de uma casa e o espaço moderno e funcional são grandes diferenciais.


Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Wohaby es un coworking situado en el centro de Palma de Mallorca, una oficina multidisciplinar concebida para el networking, la promoción y la formación de los miembros del espacio. Pero coworking es mucho más que una mesa a un precio asequible, es la alternativa perfecta para dejar de trabajar en casa. Accede a una oficina compartida con otros profesionales, con los que crear sinergias y generar nuevos proyectos.

Mais Cowork Lisbon

Lisbon , Portugal

Mais Cowork Lisbon is a lowcost and creative workspace located in center of Lisbon. We host professionals from diferent sectors that come from all over the world and are able to use our desks for a period equal or higher than one month. This is the perfect place for those who need a pleasant space to work in Lisbon, and experience a creative and dynamic environment while maintaining the pace of work.

This is the spirit of Mais Cowork Lisbon

The rental servisse includes:
- Wide Desks (1,90 x 60cm) with storage included | Wide Desks (1,20m x 60cm) with storage included | Wi-fi | Spaces for extra storage | Meeting Room | Pantry | Mail Recipiency Service | Bills included | Cleaning fortnightly| Alarm 24h.

Free coffee, tea and cookies.


Ramos Mejía, Argentina

laofi.co is one of the first coworking spaces in the west area of Buenos Aires. Located in Ramos Mejía and surrounded by universities, it's of strategic importance for any startup or freelancer looking for a different working environment.

Working House Concepción

Concepción , Chile

Working House Concepción es la primera Casa de Co-Work y Centro de Negocios en Concepción!

Ubicados en Orompello 178, estamos insertos en el mejor sector del centro de la ciudad. A pasos de la Universidad de Concepción, Mall del Centro , Tribunales y los mejores servicios de la ciudad.

Contamos con más de 25 estaciones de trabajo compartidas, 2 salas de reuniones (6, 8 y 10 personas), más 1 salón con capacidad hasta 30 personas.

Todos nuestros espacios tienen acceso a Internet de Alta Velocidad, uso de Lockers de Seguridad, acceso ilimitado a Coffee Corner y más.

Además tenemos disponible para nuestros miembros el servicio de oficina virtual, en donde podrán realizar inicio de actividades en el Sii, dirección tributaria y comercial, servicio de recepción de correspondencia y encomiendas, y recepción de llamados.

Somos mucho más que un espacio de trabajo!
¿Que esperas para venir a conocernos?

Main Hub – Innovation, Incubation & Development

Lisboa, Portugal

We have a space at Expo in Lisbon, next to the subway and near the train. It takes about 10 minutes using the subway to the old city, 8 minutes to the airport and 5 minutes walking to restaurants, bars in the newest part of Lisbon.
It´s fully equipped with desks, 22” monitor, fiber-optic internet, meeting room, training room, kitchen, lounge and much more.

CoSpace Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Street Loft Coworking Space with Fix and Hot Desks, Café, Events, Outdoor and Popup Space.

Gowork // Uma rede social física

São Paulo, Brazil

Oferecemos uma grande rede de contatos (networking) no seu próprio ambiente de trabalho que ampliará seus negócios. Nossos clientes contam com a melhor infraestrutura, profissionais treinados, atendimento personalizado e produtivo, ambiente corporativo sofisticado, de alto padrão e endereço comercial nos melhores centros financeiros de São Paulo, tudo isso oferece uma imagem corporativa de alta credibilidade, essencial para impressionar seus clientes e parceiros e alavancar seus negócios.

Acolhemos sua empresa oferecendo um suporte físico e profissional de alto nível. Criamos oportunidades para você se concentrar somente nas ações de desenvolvimento do seu negócio. O intuito da goWork é gerar uma forte estrutura corporativa para sua empresa, além do networking com outras empresas que amplie suas possibilidades de crescimento.

City HUB Constanta

Constanta, Romania

City HUB Constanta is the largest HUB of Romania coworking space with a total area of ​​1500 square meters.
City HUB Constanta is located downtown and is arranged over 3 floors of Tomis Mall shopping center.
City HUB Constanta has a library with reading tables, 12 computers for guests, 50 seats in private offices, 150 seats for coworking space, and 330 seats for the public audience.
Total space of City HUB Constanta supports up to a maximum of 3000 people at an event.
Besides library and multiple spaces coworking space City HUB Constanta has a private conference room for up to 120 people and an area dedicated games room and a cinema with 160-220 seats.
Both visitors and members have free acces on the internet, electirc power, groups saniatare (toilette), elevators and escalators for disabled access, daylighting 70% of space coworking and security guards.
City HUB Constanta is open daily from 10 am to 22 pm for visitors and from 7 am to 23 pm for members.


Queluz, Portugal

Unidade 55 > Cowork em Queluz


PortSaid, Egypt

Boulevard is a co-working space and cultural center located at the historical spot of Port-Said named as "El-efrang". Boulevard is created with the ambition of empowering youth, enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit.

Unlike in a typical office environment , Those Co-working are not employed by the same organization. We also provide an open space co-working for creative individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, professionals, consultants and small companies.

We organize cultural programs and causal events that can take place in private meeting rooms or in public places.
*Our Vision*

- Empowering entrepreneurs, and plant the entrepreneurial spirit, enhance them and support them to start their career.

- Collecting different talents and providing a hub for talent exchange through workshops.

- Highlighting our City's culture and exporting a global representative image for local talents.

*Mechanism of work*

- Providing a style of work that involves a shared working environment.

-Facilitating workshops in different disciplines: entrepreneurship, Arts, and Crafts.

- Acting as a platform for National and international opportunities for our customers.

SEOintheSUN Co-Working Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz, Spain

SEOintheSUN is a group of specialized online marketers who realize online projects and also give daily seminars, workshops and training in Online Marketing for participants from all over Europe.

As special features we offer free meeting rooms from 14.00 to 20.00 and also have a soundproof room for online conferences and video editing. A fully equipped MacMini with extensive software (online marketing tools, image processing and video editing) will be available.

Equipment & Services at your Co-Working Space:

+ Flexible workplaces
+ Free meeting rooms
+ Reception from 09:00 to 16.00
+ Soundproof room video room
+ Video conference system
+ Copier, Scanner, Fax, Printer
+ Locker
+ IT-Service
+ Handicapped accessible
+ Alarm system
+ Air conditioning
+ Own Cafe with free WiFi
+ Parking
+ Cleaning

Co-Working Prices:

Per Day: 20,-- €
Per Week: 75,-- €
Per Month: 200,-- €

Optional Additional Services:

+ Single room in a shared flat
+ Lunch
+ Spanish Lessons

After Work:

After work the dream island of Tenerife is yours to explore and enjoy. The year round spring climate gives you that holiday feeling and, apart from making the most of the Spanish way of life, you can go diving, surfing, climbing, hiking, paragliding… or just watch the sun sink slowly below the horizon with an ice cold drink to hand.

AntiCafé Roma

Rome, Italy

AntiCafé is a shared space designed both for work and fun. It feels like home here. Come to us to work on your project or prepare for exams, advance your start-up or find new team members, chat with friends or play board games. We have separate areas for each of these activities.

Our concept is simple. We create wonderful and convenient places to make you feel home.
You pay for time and we provide you with unlimited coffee, tea, snacks and fast Wi-Fi. You can also use our projector, printer, scanner and board games. We create wonderful and convenient places to make you feel home. Thus, you can even bring in your own food and soft drinks, take books from our small library and play with our board games.

AntiCafé is also a place to hold your events. Let it be a conference, presentation, workshop or even your birthday party; we will always provide you with a space where you won’t be disturbed by the rest of our guests and where you won’t disturb them.

We're missing you at The AntiCafé!

Espaço Inove

Taubaté, Brazil

Espaco Inove Coworking | Escritório Virtual | Espaço para Reuniões e Eventos | +55 12 34320492
Espaco Inove Coworking | Virtual Office | Space for Meetings and Events | +55 12 34320492


Goiânia, Brazil

We provide all you need for an effective, efficient workplace wherever and however you want. Use our network to be as efficient on the move as you are in the office. You can arrange our meeting rooms for all kinds of business occasions.
A business address in the right place and a local contact number answered in your company name can make all the difference in business.


Redwood City, United States

NestGSV accelerates global innovation by launching Innovation Labs around important trends in the growth economy, such as Big Data, Ed Tech, Sustainability and Mobility.

We offer a 72,000 square foot campus at the epicenter of Silicon Valley, along with diverse programs to help innovators thrive. We empower a community of founders, mentors, corporate innovators, universities and government development agencies who are redefining the future.

Kowork Chile

Temuco, Chile

Mas allá de ser el Primer Espacio de #Cowork de #Temuco y toda La Araucanía queremos ser un nuevo Ecosistema de Innovación y Emprendmiento Regional.


San Francisco, United States

SHARED is the most unique coworking space in San Francisco, located in the heart of SoMa: coworking + maker space.

SHARED has all the office amenities of a traditional coworking space and added to a maker space. It has office space, fabrication space, a shared work shop with tools and equipment, meeting rooms, kitchen, and classes, and events.

SHARED is a space for creative people to work and collaborate together. It is based in the belief that together we can create greater things than we could individually or in isolation.

Coworking Cuenca

Cuenca, Ecuador

Coworking Cuenca is a house over the river where about 35 people attend most mornings and afternoons. Most of them are guys. The house is the venue of five different enteprises: they build cybernetic hands, pronounce encouraging speeches, systematize house behaviors, write thousands of lines of code and struggle fiercely over a ping pong table. Inside the house there's four bathrooms and hundreds of plastic toys. The toys have been distributed among shelves and couches and over walls on quite bright colours, and there has been no penalty on railing against geek canon: Neo and Yoda can skirmish against each other over the same furniture.

Everyone is on their own thing and everyone's talking all the time. There's encyclopedic conviction on comics and past experiences on Java; condiment harvest predictions, hidden levels on videogames, non-forecasted tv episodes, weekend adventures, personality boundaries and technology arqueology. But, furthermore, there's more chatting about the future than about the past. Everyone is everywhere everytime, and there's a lot of data being recollected all the time. Everything is saved on the cloud. Everyone is sort of a philosopher, and their beliefs are not only peculiar but profound. Therefore, there are arguments all time; sometimes there are even agreements.