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Photo District 28 WorkSpaces

District 28 WorkSpaces

Toronto, Canada

District 28 is an ideal Coworkspace for creatives. Housing 3 different studio spaces, an edit suite, and a 4k screening room District 28 offers all the features needed for creatives to succeed. District 28 workspace comes complete with high-speed wifi, free coffee, and 24/7 access so our members will always be able to excel with their work.



Maringá, Brazil

Coworking com excelente estrutura e localização privilegiada em Maringa, Paraná,

Photo Empire Cowork

Empire Cowork

Ajaccio, France

A vaste, comfortable and design Coworking place in Ajaccio

Photo Originate Office Space

Originate Office Space

Springfield, United States

Whether you are a Startup, Freelancer, Telecommuter or Work At Home that just wants to get out of the house once in a while, Originate has office space for rent with everything you need to run your business.

Photo Our Space Marbella

Our Space Marbella

Marbella, Spain

Our Space is an exciting new concept in coworking, which will develop a global network of 50 key coworking locations over the next 3-5 years. Our Space Marbella is located in the Oasis Business Centre, Marbella, Spain and is providing entrepreneurs with 500m2 of work space, fantastic facilities, a strong business network, corporate wellness and professional development opportunities for a manageable monthly fee.

Our Space Marbella offers 13 private offices and 140 desks combining permanent office spaces in a shared coworking environment and hot desking, along with cutting-edge technology, and lifestyle savvy services. It has been designed by Emmy-nominated Hollywood Production Designer Carlos Barbosa to provide awe-inspiring features with a distinct aesthetic that will boost productivity and creativity.

Our Space Marbella
Office 9, Oasis Business Centre
Ctra de Cadiz KM 176
29690 Marbella

Tel: +34 952635073
Email: marbellateam@ourspace.work
Website: http://ourspace.work/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ourspace.work/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ourspace_work
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ourspace.work/
Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/company/our-space

Photo Launch Cafe

Launch Cafe

Groningen, Netherlands

The Launch Cafe is one of the best flexible workplaces in the Netherlands; we were awarded second place in the National Flex Workplace Test. Intermediair Magazine also named us the best flex workplace in Groningen, based on our location, facilities and the great atmosphere. And we’re pretty proud of that!

We offer both flexible and fixed workspaces for all kinds of startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Together they form a close community, willing to help all other members and having fun outside of business. During our lunches and Friday afternoon drinks everybody comes together to enjoy themselves in a casual setting.

At the Launch Cafe you work in an ergonomic chair with wifi even better than you can imagine. (provided by one of our startups ;p) You can enjoy amazing coffee and tea and print out any needed documents. The best part of all this? It’s all for free! You only pay for the desk you work at and the rest of the services are all included.

Still having doubts? Come by to see if the Launch Cafe fits your needs and fulfills your wishes. Your first day is always for free.

Photo Coletivo Workspace

Coletivo Workspace

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Um espaço moderno com uma infraestrutura completa para o seu negócio.

Listada como acervo do patrimônio arquitetônico histórico da cidade, tendo sido projetada por um expoente arquiteto uruguaio modernista no ano de 1965, o COLETIVO possui:

- mais de 700 m2 de área total;
- 2 níveis;
- 13 salas;
- Amplo pátio e sacadas;
- Copa;
E o que mais você precisar :)

Photo L’escale numérique

L’escale numérique

Périgueux, France

L'escale numérique est un espace de coworking convivial et calme, situé en plein centre de Périgueux. Orienté métier du numérique, mais pas que, il s'adresse à tous les indépendants, télétravailleurs, souhaitant bénéficier d'un cadre agréable et d'une connexion internet très performante

Photo Uniwin Co-working Space

Uniwin Co-working Space

Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

We offering a great working space near the city center of Hồ Chí Minh city.

Photo EN-COworking


Ghent, Belgium

EN CO is an initiative of INTRA INTERIEUR an interior architecture firm with four employees.
We specialize in designing offices where working and living is enjoyable.
Our coworking is a representation of this philosophy.
It's a fun workspace with attention to ergonomics, light, color and each other.
Take a look at our website!

Photo Coworking Montpellier Parc 2000

Coworking Montpellier Parc 2000

Montpellier, France

The Bureaux & Co coworking space is a cool working place in Montpellier area.

Photo Lelulè Coworking

Lelulè Coworking

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Um espaço perfeito para advogados, contadores, profissionais de TI, enfim todos os profissionais liberais que pretendem trabalhar em um escritório completo, sem ter que se preocupar com IPTU, condomínio, luz, internet, telefone, mobília e decoração. Tenha uma estação de trabalho com Wifi, lockers estilizados, café, água e muito mais.

Photo Cowork Central

Cowork Central

Lisbon, Portugal

Cowork Central is a hub for creative, independent minds situated bang in the heart of Lisbon. As well as desk and office space for freelancers, startups and small companies we provide a range of services with the goal of enabling you to focus on what’s most important: the success of your business.

We provide flexible desk and office space for all types of user, whether you are a remote worker or freelancer looking for an occasional desk to break the monotony of working at home, a startup looking for your first office, or a small business moving to Lisbon and in need of somewhere to get your Portuguese team up and running quickly.

Our space is situated right in the centre of Lisbon in Cais do Sodré, on the site of the former Grand Hotel Central, featured in ‘The Maias’ and visited by Jules Verne nearly a century ago – and from which we have adopted our name. Come along and find out what makes us special today – you’ll be certain to receive a warm welcome.

Photo Workbay


Mumbai, India

Workbay is a community of engaged and diverse professionals… living, breathing people with minds ticking with ideas and solutions aimed at the next evolutionary step in innovation. Workbay isn’t just a space. It is an idea whose time has come!

Photo NomadLife


San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

NomadLife is Nicaragua’s first co-working and co-living space for Digital Nomads. Located in one of San Juan del Sur’s most unique villas, 250m away from the ocean in the heart of San Juan Bay, NomadLife emphasizes comfort, community, and recreation as much as it emphasizes creative and productive work. Whether you choose your workstation to be a hammock, an outdoor lounge space, a poolside seat, or a classic desktop workstation, you are sure to find the resources to make your projects come to life!

Photo Creative Coworking

Creative Coworking

São Paulo, Brazil

Creative Coworking is an inspiring working place in a very charming building at Praça dos Omaguás, just next to the Fnac Pinheiros and above the Café Gardênia.
Life is short for a grey working day.


São Paulo, Brazil

Creative Coworking é um espaço de trabalho inspirador em um predinho na Praça dos Omaguás, ao lado da Fnac e em cima do Café Gardênia.
A vida é curta para um dia de trabalho cinza.

Photo L’Usine by CBo Territoria

L’Usine by CBo Territoria

Sainte-Marie, France

We are the biggest and first private coworking space on Reunion Island.
L'Usine by CBo Territoria is opened to everyone, and specifically designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independant workers.
We offer standard coworking spaces along with many common areas: lounges, a kitchenette and a shady terrace.

L'Usine by CBo Territoria est un espace de coworking et d’échanges ouvert à tous à la Réunion où le bien travailler ensemble est une valeur forte.
Au-delà des espaces de coworking classiques, vous retrouverez de nombreux espaces communs: des salons, un coin cuisine, une terrasse ombragée et un babyfoot.
Rejoindre l’Usine, c’est faire partie d’un écosystème stimulant afin d’être autonome sans être isolés, mais c’est aussi laisser libre cours à la collaboration, de manière ponctuelle ou régulière, dans un cadre innovant empreint de notes créoles.
Son emplacement en fait également un lieu unique : Située à proximité de Saint-Denis et à 5 minutes de l’aéroport, l’Usine by CBo Territoria rejoint ainsi la communauté des entreprises du quartier historique, et aujourd’hui Quartier d’Affaires de La Mare.

Photo The Launch Factory

The Launch Factory

Charlotte, United States

The Launch Factory is a technology focused Coworking Space. It's located in an historic manufacturing building built in 1939. TLF is a modern space combining the latest technology and workspace design. It accommodates Coworking memberships, dedicated desks, and spaces for small teams.

Photo Wit.Working – Compartilhando Valores

Wit.Working – Compartilhando Valores

São José do Rio Preto, Brazil


Imagine um ambiente inovador, moderno e criativo. Onde profissionais de diversas áreas (empreendedores, freelancers, designers, web marketings, arquitetos, engenheiros, …) se sentem confortáveis para trabalhar em um mesmo local, compartilham seus valores trazendo não só o desenvolvimento pessoal, mas também o desenvolvimento profissional. Essa é a Wit.Working.

A Wit.Working é um Coworking Space com mais de 500m² que oferece diversas facilidades para quem busca em concretizar seu sonho e soluções como espaço para trabalho em ambientes compartilhados, salas de atendimento e reunião, auditórios para eventos, palestras, cursos e workshops

NOSSA MISSÃO: Viabilizar a concretização dos sonhos através, não só, do compartilhamento de espaço físico e infraestrutura, mas também do compartilhamento de ideias.



Somos questionadores do estado atual das coisas e nossas soluções modificam esse estado.


Somos comprometidos com nossos objetivos e metas. Nós não descansamos e fazemos o que precisar ser feito.


Acreditamos que o compartilhamento seja o melhor caminho para concretizarmos nossos sonhos, não só o compartilhamento do espaço físico, mas também o compartilhamento das ideias.


Aqui fazemos parte do nós, o esforço é coletivo e ajudamos uns aos outros. Temos empatia e crescemos em conjunto.


Além de criadores e empreendedores, somos transformadores e buscamos melhorar a vida através de transformações.


Sabemos que para o desenvolvimento profissional é necessário o desenvolvimento pessoal e cada vez mais somos mais resilientes e enfrentamos nossos medos.


Além dos espaços de Coworking e Office Space, possuímos cozinha, 02 áreas de NetWorking e recepcionista.
Temos o total de 9 Salas de Office Space, sendo elas:
– 03 Auditórios com cadeira universitária para capacidade de 6, 13 e 45 pessoas.
– 02 Salas amplas de reunião com televisão e conector HDMI, uma com capacidade para até 7 pessoas e outra para até 12 pessoas.
– 02 Salas de atendimento, uma para até 6 pessoas e outra para até 4 pessoas.
– 01 Sala especial para atendimento de Psicólogos e Psiquiatras.
O Salão de Coworking tem ligação direta com a área de networking do pavimento superior.

Todos os produtos de Coworking e Office Space estão incluídos de serviço de recepcionista, água, café, internet fibra wifi e cabo ethernet.

Photo atx FACTORY


Austin, United States

atx FACTORY is a community focused coworking space located in East Austin Texas. We offer the standard coworking ammenities like conference rooms, desk space, cabinets, ethernet and wifi, callpods, business events, and printers on site. Along with the standard ammenities we also offer community ammenties such as a bar sized bar area, message chairs, wellness area, nap pods, showers, and community events.

Stop by and experience our space and see what everyone is talking about :).

Photo Office 424

Office 424

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Working rooms and meeting rooms. High speed internet.



Luanda, Angola

O4U (Office for you) - Coworking is the first coworking space in Angola. We provide to independent professionals and microenterprises / startups access to all necessary resources of a conventional office in a quiet, comfortable and inspiring environment.

Photo Imparable Coworking

Imparable Coworking

San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Imparable Coworking is a space dedicated to promote the entrepreneurial culture; a space to create and share ideas. A place which entrepreneurs can call home. We offer original work spaces where creativity can grow. We seek to provide tools and contacts. This way our members can focus on working while we take care of the rest.

Somos un espacio de trabajo colaborativo diseñado para conectar, inspirar y apoyar profesionistas/emprendedores para alcanzar sus metas y engrandecer sus proyectos. Nuestra red de contactos y alianzas crece cada día más, por lo que estamos seguros que podemos conectarte con el cliente, socio, mentor, inversionista o amigo que buscas.