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NAXOS Coworking

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The coworking spaces are fully furnished and available for free from now on.


- WEEKLY RENT: 100 €
- FLEXIBLE RATE: 175 € * (NEW)

* Flexible Rate: For all who seek no stable job with fixed hardware, but only open their laptop in the morning. The seat can change so, depending on the daily operation. The tariff is calculated monthly and is valid for average max. 3 days per week. In case of permanent use of a flexible workplace, we recommend a full month's rent. And off you go!

All desks have a fast Internet connection, power supply, table and chair, and the community benefits listed below. All tenants are welcome to use the common areas (meeting room for up o 8 people with HDMI-projector, reception, bistro bar, kitchen, toilet). Car parking spaces are available and can be booked separately. To Ask? Ask for your email with the subject "Naxos coworking" to hello@milk-kommunikation.de

Rents for our courses are inexpensive and include all utilities incl. Cleaning!

- Coworking space on the ground floor to the left

- Central location (Northrend / Ostend), Metro Merianplatz (350m)
- Atmosphere: Modern, fresh, professionally
- Mood: lively, innovative, creative, communicative

- Immediately: Unlimited, or on time (see price list above)
- furnished
- Internet (DSL / WLAN) including
- meeting Room for 8 persons including projector.
- bistro bar, kitchen with dishwasher and coffee machine
- Womens WC and gents toilets - clean and modern
- Reception service (no phone service)
- free use of shared network printer (within the normal range)

- Cheap Package price per month including utilities.


Lviv, Ukraine

A better place to work. Open community of IT, designers and enterpreneurs, with all needed infrastructure and hackerspace also.

Iguassu Coworking

Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

Escritório compartilhado, espaço de desenvolvimento de negócios e pessoas! Realização de cursos/palestras e fomento do empreendedorismo.
Somos um escritório compartilhado e coletivo, um escritório sem as partes chatas. Onde profissionais autônomos, freelancers e pequenas empresas unem-se para dividir a estrutura de um grande escritório. E isso garante custos mais baixos e todos podem aproveitar as vantagens de trabalhar em rede e fazer parte de um ecossistema empreendedor, num ambiente profissional.

Rehoboth Hapjeong-Hongdae Coworking Office

Seoul, South Korea

‘Alone and together’, you can cooperate at Rehoboth Hapjeong-Hongdae Co-working Office!

Rehoboth Hapjeong-Hongdae Co-working Office facilitates various people from existing businesses, entrepreneurs, to students and allows them to share know-how’s, materialize, and commercialize creative ideas in order to create synergy by forming communities or networks.

Along with an expansive view and diverse spaces, you can enjoy lectures, seminars, meetings, workshops, businesses, or study upon your preference.

Also, Rehoboth Hapjeong-Hongdae Co-working Office Center is a specialized business center that has various sizes of offices, reception rooms for business meetings, a meeting room that sits up to 10 people, and outdoor terrace for resting offers the best place for your business.

Prime Gongdeok Coworking Office

Seoul, South Korea

Very good view
- Coworking Space: 10th Fl.
- Business Center: 11th~13th Fl.

Very accessible and convenient
- four Metro Lines converge

Business Center(40 offices) + Coworking Space(60 people) + Conference Space(40 people) + Virtual Office

VIA LAB Espacio Coworking

Valladolid, Spain

VIA LAB es un espacio coworking en Valladolid, pero también es una vía de encuentro de personas, ideas y proyectos.
Es una comunidad de gente con inquietudes, con iniciativa y ganas de abrirse al mundo. No importa a qué te dediques o dónde quieras ir, lo importante es que quieras estar y sumarte al proyecto.

Monte Testaccio 34

Rome, Italy

We’ve just inaugurated a new co-working space in a beautiful building placed on the Testaccio hill, next to Macro and Mercato Testaccio.

The goal is to gather under the same roof the best campaigning and social communication organizations - Change.org, Latte Creative, Worth Wearing and Riparte il Futuro are already working inside.

We offer a pleasant and funny environment and we are looking for start-ups, agencies, freelance creatives (even ping-pong players!) interested in sharing this space and this adventure with us.

For more information and visits: sofia@lattecreative.com or +393317490623

Tahoe Mountain Lab

South Lake Tahoe, United States

Tahoe Mountain Lab is South Lake Tahoe’s first coworking space and a hub of innovation for the entire South Shore. We provide an innovative way to help you get your best work done by offering not only a cool place to do it, but a great community to do it with. Whether you are a freelancer, an entrepreneur, working remote, or just visiting, our mix of open-concept and private office space is perfectly suited to meet your workplace needs. All industries and all schedules are welcome - drop-in for just a day or glue yourself to one of our comfy office chairs 24/7. We’re sure you’ll get more done and have more fun doing it than from your home office or corporate cube. Need a break? Well, just walk out our doors - the lake is to the left, the slopes are to the right. Go ahead, recreate. It’s why we’re here, too.


Palma de Mallorca , Spain

NIDUS 39 COWORKING es un espacio de co-trabajo para profesionales liberales, emprendedores o empresas, dónde buscamos crear sinergias entre nuestros coworkers.

En Nidus 39 disponemos de 200 m2 que cuentan con Sala de reuniones, office, zona de descanso, zona para grupo, aula polivalente, plató para foto, vídeo y castings.

Somos un espacio de Coworking 24/7.
Ofrecemos a nuestros coworkers la posibilidad de acudir a su puesto a cualquier hora del día, cualquier día de la semana. Además, el uso de la sala de reuniones es ilimitado sin coste extra para el coworker (siempre que no sea para ofrecer talleres y/o formación, en ese caso cobramos una tarifa mínima por hora).

En Calle Bisbe Joan Maura 39 (Palma de Mallorca). En pleno Barrio de Fontsanta, una zona muy tranquila, nos encontramos cerca del centro pero sin ruidos gracias a nuestra ubicación.
A 3 minutos de Plaza España caminando, se puede acceder fácilmente desde toda la isla ya que estamos cerca del metro y la estación de autobuses.

Si quieres más información escríbenos a: info@nidus39.com o ven a visitarnos.

Impact Hub Bratislava

Bratislava, Slovakia

Work on your project from the centre of Bratislava. Impact HUB at Hviezdoslavovo square offers you a designed working space, international community and mentoring.

The space for your work, business or project development. Mentoring by professionals from field of your interests. Events with new people. Quality and sometimes „flyaway“ workshops thank to which you can try things you have always wanted. Conferences and events on unhackeneyed topics. Rent a space. The choice is yours.


Tainan, Taiwan

Planett creative residency's aim is to gather creative people from all over the world. We are the prefect bace for you to live, work, ,create, make new friends, and explore in the amazing city Tainan!
super big desk + dorm + maker workshop + cats

3255 Coworking

Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Na melhor localização de Juiz de Fora. Infraestrutura completa com internet de alta velocidade e muito networking!

Muda Coworking

Uberlândia , Brazil

The place to develop ideas, business and people. Creativity and colaborative workspace. Your next office in Uberlandia.

HIT cowork | Pampa

Buenos Aires, Argentina

HIT Pampa is the first coworking building of Buenos Aires. HIT cowork is the platform to nurture your business. We have the infrastructure, technology and the community to foster your ventures.

Fabrika Coworking Center

Baku, Azerbaijan

Fabrika Coworking center is located in Azerbaijan, at the heart of Baku city, just a stone's throw from the Central Station and the boulevard.
200 m² of work space, meeting rooms and events halls arranged on the territory of the former shoe factory are made available to businesses and self-employed people.

CoWorking Bagé

Bagé, Brazil

Coworking Bagé
Um espaço para viver sua vida profissional.


Los Angeles, United States

IgnitedSpaces hosts 8700 sq feet of beautifully-renovated, clean-cut office space in the penthouse suite of the Hollywood Entertainment Plaza. We develop thoughtful workspaces designed to enhance productivity, collaboration and the success of our members while providing top-notch client services and amenities. We have five tiers of customizable membership from coworking, to private offices, to virtual office membership. With twenty-two private suites, two large shared spaces, a lounge, two conference rooms, a whiteboard room, regular networking events, and competitive pricing, we aim to facilitate the optimum work culture for every type of business.

Silicon Valley Pad

Menlo Park, United States

Silicon Valley Pad was created to ensure ease and simplicity. Working with and for startups, we realized what a hassle it could be to find office space; from signing up for a long term lease to the hidden costs and fees associated, it was not a good area to establish a startup. So we created Silicon Valley Pad where you can scale up and down as needed.

The Pad is a space that thrives on the creativity and ambiance fashioned from within our own community of targeted tech startups and serial entrepreneurs. Sit side by side with web developers, cloud app enthusiasts, brand management teams, coders, and marketing developers all the while gaining insight, inspiration, and motivation to disrupt the business YOU are in.

We are the coworking space that simply- works for you.

There are several amenities included in all in house monthly memberships at The Pad, including:
Access to all community events such as: free monthly lunches, Pad Presents Happy Hour, Holiday Parties, Summer BBQs, etc.
Free, unlimited access to WiFi
Free, unlimited access/use of meeting rooms, printers, office supplies
Kitchen stocked with fresh premium coffee, soft drinks, fruits, nuts, granola bars, and healthy snacks
Outside picnic area with WiFi access
Free parking in large lot in front of the building
Mailbox address
24/7 access

Torno Co. Lab

Quito, Ecuador

Torno is a laboratory of ideas, home to studios and freelancers generating synergies that will enrich the results of the individual and collective work of its members. It promotes cultural, academic and urban interaction, in a collaborative approach for social benefit.
Since its inception, the objective was to reintegrate disused spaces of the city to turn them into an engine of ideas, taking into account certain determinants such as centrality, connectivity and spatiality.
Thus, after an arduous search for the right place, a warehouse was found in the northern-central area of Quito. A renowned mechanic shop 45 years old to develop the project. The warehouse is adjacent to the owners’ house, Vicente Oviedo and Irene, his wife. Vicente, the owner of the mechanic shop, closed it a year ago perceiving that the it had ceased to be a basic need in the machining manufacturing process, as work decreased to the point of keeping an employee he could hardly afford.
The location of the space was crucial when looking for the right place, proximity to mass transit and its location within the bikepath network re valued the place in response to energy issues and environmental sensitivity.
From this point the project takes a name: Torno, whose intention was to manage and optimize resources in the process of design and construction. At the same time, it builds a platform where collectives congregate to be an active part of the city
It is spatially assembled as a separate volume in its container warehouse, maximizing the area and directing natural light to the entire project, the circulations make each of the spaces protagonist in Torno.
In its construction, we used 85% recycled material, metal panels obtained from CKD (Kit for vehicle assembly) mostly from Asia were used as structure and partitions, staves from pallets are part of the mezzanine, the remains of large format broken glass were modulated and adjusted to the project, the metal doors of the demolition of factories in the downtown area of the city are part of the entrance Scheme.
Once we understood the strengths and weaknesses of the materials to be used, we designed a constructive system in which ‘I’ type pieces were proposed, which are joined to each other and grip the complementary pieces. According to structural tests, it was determined that the section of the beams would be 10 x 20cm, while the section of the columns would be 10 x 13cm. This allows the beams fit into the columns, giving greater rigidity. The system was modulated from the dimensions of the CKD metal panels, which are framed between the columns, without being modified in any way. The secondary structure for the mezzanine complemented the project, on it are the pallets and vertical circulations. Finally, the framing and windows were placed, defining circulations and spaces. On november 2015, Torno receive the National Award of Architecture of the XIX Pan-American Biennale - Quito - Category: Rehabilitation and Recycling .
Torno has 6 offices to independent studios, RAMA estudio: architecture and product design, 2.5D: graphic design and art, Mood: multimedia and digital marketing, Lút: audio-visual design, Terreno Extremo (magazine): communication, B.A.: web, software and apps design. Torno counts with 30 seats for the co work space, coffee shop, meeting room, murals and street art area, exhibition area and workshop spaces that establish relationships and forms of collaborative work.

Torno es un laboratorio de ideas, que acoge a estudios y profesionales independientes generando sinergias que enriquecerán los resultados en el trabajo individual y colectivo de sus integrantes.
Promueve la interacción cultural, académica y urbana, con un enfoque colaborativo de beneficio social.
La propuesta plantea una plataforma donde la arquitectura, el diseño, el arte, la música, y el cine se congregan y articulan para ser parte activa de la ciudad.
Desde su concepción el objetivo fue reinsertar espacios en desuso de la ciudad para convertirlo en un motor de ideas, teniendo en cuenta ciertas determinantes como: centralidad, conectividad y espacialidad.
Es así que tras una ardua búsqueda del lugar idóneo, se encontró un galpón en el sector centro norte de Quito. Una renombrada mecánica de torno de 45 años de trayectoria para desarrollar el proyecto. El galpón se encuentra contiguo a la vivienda de sus dueños, Vicente Oviedo e Irene, su esposa.
Vicente que hoy en día tiene 92 años de edad la cerro hace un año y medio percibiendo que el torno había dejado de ser una máquina básica en el proceso industrial mecanizado, por lo que el trabajo disminuyo hasta el punto de quedarse con un empleado al que difícilmente podía pagar.
A partir de este punto el proyecto toma un nombre: torno, cuya intensión fue optimizar recursos para su diseño y construcción.
El lugar se ubica contiguo a puntos estratégicos de la zona centro norte de Quito. El metro bus se encuentra a media cuadra hacia la Avenida América, Trolebús a dos cuadras en la Avenida 10 de Agosto, líneas de buses y ciclo vías a media cuadra.
Espacialmente se ensambla como un mueble ajeno a su contenedor <<Galpón>> aprovechando al máximo el área y direccionando la luz natural a todo el conjunto, las circulaciones hacen que cada uno de los espacios sea protagonista principal de torno.
En su construcción se utilizo un 85% de material reciclado, paneles contra chapados y metálicos obtenidos de CKD (Kit para ensamblaje de vehículos) en su mayoría provenientes de Asia, fueron utilizados como estructura y tabiquería, duelas de pallets para carga de distintas industrias son parte del entrepiso, los restos de vidrios rotos de gran formato se modularon y ajustaron al proyecto, las puertas metálicas de la demolición de fabricas de la zona centro de la ciudad forman parte de la puerta de entrada del espacio. En el 2015, Torno recibe el Primer Premio Nacional de Arquitectura de la XIX Bienal Panamericana de Arquitectura de Quito - Categoría: Rehabilitación y Reciclaje.
Torno tiene 6 oficinas para estudios independientes, donde se encuentran RAMA estudio: arquitectura y diseño de productos, 2.5D: Diseño Gráfico, Mood: Marketing Digital y Multimedia, Lút: Diseño audio-visual, Terreno Extremo (revista): comunicación y edición, Obra: interiorismo. Junto a varios colaboradores externos, Torno tiene una red de fab.lab, programación y construcción. Además cuenta con mas de 30 plazas para el espacio de co work, mas espacios en cafetería, sala de reuniones, área para murales y street art, área de exposiciones y talleres, espacios que permiten establecer relaciones y formatos de trabajo colaborativos.
El proyecto pretende congregar personas propositivas y dispuestas a conectarse para generar y materializar ideas que aporten a nuestra sociedad objetiva y continuamente.

SPACE coworking

Poznań, Poland

SPACE coworking is new coworking office in Poznan. It is designed for people involved in urban planning, architecture and related industries.

unOffice – PDL Business & Cowork Center

Ponta Delgada, Portugal

The unOffice project - PDL BUSINESS CENTER & COWORK represents an innovative approach in the region. Based on the idea of a business center, the customer has a flexible offer to start or grow your business.
This space offers the guarantee of a collaborative environment, with a great sense of inspiration and exchange of real experiences between entrepreneurs, where several services are offered: physical office, virtual office, COWORK space, business lounge, meeting room, administrative services, communications, business consultancy and management, training room, delivery, bicycle, among others.


Lyon, France

Ecoworking is a 445 square meters eco-friendly coworking space located in the heart of Lyon (Presqu'île, next to The Place des Terreaux). It is open to anyone wishing to have a professional, collaborative and friendly workspace. Ecoworking offers many services tailored to several coworker activities, at attractive rates. You'll find Wifi, free coffee, shared printer, meeting rooms, conference space and a relaxation area with a wonderful table football ! Come and join the community !


são paulo, Brazil

BUCC – o acrônimo para Business Unlocking & Collaboration Center – é a tradução do empoderamento de negócios através de uma cultura colaborativa.
Localizado em Pinheiros a poucos quarteirões da Vila Madalena, região de São Paulo com grande concentração de pessoas criativas, empresas de design e um comércio boêmio. O BUCC está instalado em uma área de 600m² que estão divididos em ambientes agradáveis e produtivos. Considerado pelos clientes um oásis no meio de São Paulo. Além de estar ao lado do Parque Villa lobos e ter um fácil acesso as ciclo faixas da cidade, proporciona maior qualidade de vida para seus clientes.

Rainmaking Loft

London, United Kingdom

Rainmaking Loft is a startup hub, set up by an international partnership of serial entrepreneurs with offices in Berlin, London and Copenhagen. The Loft in London is dedicated to supporting startups by providing them with a highly collaborative and inspiring working environment, at a significantly subsidised price. Relations and connections are being set up in Copenhagen to enlarge the Loft network in Europe, Denmark.

Offering a beautiful marina view for members, the space offers all amenities startups would need on a subsidised desk price.