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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We believe in collaborative work as a driver for the creative economy and to achieve social change. From an urban and objective perspective, we are not only a workspace. We are a process, a way of doing things.

Let’s Cowork

Florianópolis, Brazil

Um Bureau de negócios que busca encarar os desafios com empatia, colaboração e experimentação. Desenvolvemos uma metodologia própria que transcende os limites da criatividade para desenvolver relações continuas entre empresas e profissionais.

Coworking Calvià

Calvià, Spain

Coworking Calvià is a provided place in Palmanova to help you to carry out your business from the start without any initial investment. In addition, you will get along with other entrepreneurs who are in a similar situation as you: people who are planning and validating their own business plan or people who have created their own business. Sharing an office with people who have your same concerns will make your business project enricher.

Café des TICs – Espace de Coworking au Bénin

Cotonou-Godomey, Benin

Le café des TICs est un espace de coworking, d'intelligence collective et d'innovation sociale dans le domaine des TICs au Bénin en Afrique, il est mis en place par l'association AUTIC Bénin (Association des Usagers des TICs au Bénin). Nous disposons d'un espace avec 10 places de Coworking avec possibilité d'avoir une connexion wifi, une imprimante, Une formation gratuite chaque trois mois et du Café. Visitez notre site web: www.cafedestics.com | Tél: 229 66519529

Hilo Coworking

São Paulo, Brazil

Private rooms, equipped meeting room, work stations with ergonomic chairs, high-speed Internet and additional services. Next to metro Vila Madalena and Faria Lima.
Salas privativas, sala de reunião equipada, estações de trabalho com cadeiras ergométricas, internet de alta velocidade e serviços adicionais. Próximo ao metro da Vila Madalena e Faria Lima.

The Innovation Station

Evansville, Indiana, United States

Evansville's premier coworking space offers local innovators a contemporary, professional, open-desk work space with opportunities to collaborate and network with like-minds. Located inside Innovation Pointe, a business incubator in Downtown Evansville; The Station offers 24 hour (secure) access, high speed internet connection, use of conference rooms, essential operating services, convenient parking, mailing service, printer and fax machine, and access to counseling and mentoring services. It costs $600 for a full year of membership, or quarterly plans are available upon request.


Leederville, Australia

Sync Labs is Perth’s premiere co-working space designed specifically for Perth’s tech startup community.
We bring together investors, developers, designers, entrepreneurs and ideas people into one space. We also get access to some great deals for our resident community from our supporting service providers such as R&D tax advice, cloud infrastructure services and IP protection etc.
Come check us out on our open days or come grab a drink with us every Friday 6-7pm where we host Silicon Beach Perth

Coworking Monterrey

Monterrey, Mexico

Coworking space in downtow, shared work spaces, meeting room, terrace, kitchen, 200mb internet, communities of designers and developers. Day $80 mexican pesos, week $350, month $1,200.

Tribo Coworking

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Na Tribo você vai encontrar estações de trabalho compartilhadas, salas de reunião, Wi-fi, serviço de impressão, ramal exclusivo, serviço de entrega, workshops, palestras e espaço de relaxamento com mini biblioteca e PlayStation 4.

Tudo isso com muito networking, interação, colaboração e troca!

Entre em contato, reserve já o seu lugar e venha ser um dos habitantes dessa Tribo!

Beta Collective

Surrey, Canada

A new co-operative working space created by a trio of Simon Fraser University alumni in the heart of Surrey’s fledgling Innovation Boulevard is helping new entrepreneurs take their ideas to the next level.

Beta Collective provides small business owners with workspaces that provide a professional environment and collegial atmosphere at a reduced cost. The goal is to help young businesses grow out of basements or coffee shops and experience real-world surroundings—with the added benefits of networking and potentially, striking collaborations.

Since opening its doors in a strip mall off King George Highway in April interest has been steadily growing. Initially designed to meet the needs of high-tech clients, the entrepreneurs they’ve attracted are varied—a data researcher, event planner and real estate consultant among them.

SFU alumnus Aaron Cruikshank, former executive director of HiVE Vancouver, has recently signed his business on and others, from a growing stream of young entrepreneurs at SFU, may be on tap to join in the future.

The idea started when Jason Wong and Michael Cheng, as students at SFU, collaborated on the first TEDxSFU conference in 2011. Business partner and fellow student Elvin Cheung joined the pair to turn the idea into reality. Wong says the trio drew on the expertise of Chruikshank and yet another SFU alum, Minna Van, co-founder of Vancouver’s Network Hub, to create their Surrey-based venture.

“We’ve already filled half of our capacity and have met our revenue goals for the first three months,” says Wong, who along with Cheung is from Coquitlam.

“This isn’t your floor-to-ceiling window kind of place, but our goal is to create a casual business atmosphere, accessible and at the same time, a business-oriented community hub.”

While co-working spaces have been growing in popularity with a number of sites in Vancouver, Cheng says establishing Beta Collective in Surrey is “a natural fit for an area that is being designed to foster innovation” and is growing rapidly.

Cheng, a graduate of SFU’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) who has also been a client of SFU’s Venture Connection program, has won multiple awards and honours for many of the dozen niche businesses he has already rolled out.

The Beta Collective includes seven private offices designed for businesses with up to three employees. The 2,600 square foot working space has a boardroom for client meetings, a kitchen and a lounge area. Further renovations are planned as the entrepreneurs grow their business.

Simon Fraser University is consistently ranked among Canada's top comprehensive universities and is one of the top 50 universities in the world under 50 years old. With campuses in Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey, B.C., SFU engages actively with the community in its research and teaching, delivers almost 150 programs to more than 30,000 students, and has more than 130,000 alumni in 130 countries.

4Legal Coworking

Brasília, Brazil

4Legal potentiates companies through four different business units:

1) Coworking Space,
2) Virtual Office,
3) Business and Marketing Consulting
4) Events

Our major goal is help coworkers (companies or autonomous professionals) to exercise their purpose in all their projects and make people truly autonomous and able to embrace the challenge of creating collaboratively. Here, professionals from different business segments share not only spaces, but also ideas, challenges and experiences to develop their projects in cooperation.

Espai Creu

girona, Spain

Espai de treball compartit al centre de Girona per 150€/mes
Inclòs servei de neteja, llum, internet, enviament fax, logo a cartell exterior,...
Més info 972 102 743

Moonlighting Delhi

New Delhi, India

Moonlighting is a social enterprise establishing coworking and cooperative cultural spaces — having space to hangout, work and stay, both ad-hoc and medium term. We support independent professionals, social entrepreneurs, creatives, researchers, hackers… anyone with an open mind and some freedom to explore.

Moonlighting Gurgaon

Gurgaon, India

Moonlighting is a social enterprise establishing coworking and cooperative cultural spaces — having space to hangout, work and stay, both ad-hoc and medium term. We support independent professionals, social entrepreneurs, creatives, researchers, hackers… anyone with an open mind and some freedom to explore.


Oporto, Portugal

OPO'Lab is a multidisciplinary center dedicated to think and explore the creative use of new technologies in architecture, construction, design and other artistic fields, by promoting research, education and culture activities. Since its founding year, 2010, the OPO-LAB has contributed to the development and realization of projects proposed by countless creative minds that challenge the limits.

This project assumes therefore a key strategic role in the context in which it operates, to establish important partnerships with other social actors such as public authorities, schools and associations, cultural and scientific advancement.

With capacity for up to 50 simultaneous users, this space includes infrastructure able to give support to the development of any activity. With an auditorium with capacity for 100 people, meeting rooms, connection to high speed internet this is an economical solution for those who want to have a work space in the city center.

The view to establishing international partnerships, there is a residency program that allows short to accommodate up to eight guests in your home simultaneously. Housed in the same building this guest-house provides a unique experience to establish a close link between the space to live, work and show.

This lab is the basis of technological support OPO-LAB. Here there are the latest design technology and computer-aided manufacturing, which anyone can access to develop and manufacture your ideas with adequate technical support. Its primary mission is to raise awareness to the local community the benefits of using digital technologies.

OPO-LAB produces events to promote and democratize the access as culture and tecnology. House of the Get Set Festival, this is a place where the presentation and interaction of national and international creators is a main goal.


Berlin, Germany

CoWorking in a creative surrounding in the heart of Berlin - welcome to fritz46.

The 70s-industrial building on two levels offers a mixture of 58 flex- and fixdesks as well as a sensational view over Berlin. Located in the very near of Berlins central station, fritz46 is very easy to reach. We look forward to meeting you.

Workspot Coworking

Recife, Brazil

Workspot is a shared office where different kinds of professionals have access to a complete infrastructure of an office. Besides the coworking, it offers meeting rooms with confortble seats, high speed internet and receptionist.

Provide an inspiring space, specially designed to assemble people of different areas, that wants to break away isolation, expand networking, share ideas and reach the success, that's the Workspot Coworking essence!

O Workspot é um escritório compartilhado onde diferentes profissionais têm acesso a infraestrutura completa de um escritório. Além do espaço de coworking, ele oferece salas de reunião equipadas, mobiliário confortável, internet de alta velocidade e recepcionista, tudo isso em um endereço de prestígio na cidade.

Proporcionar um espaço inspirador, especialmente projetado para reunir pessoas de diferentes áreas de atuação que buscam fugir do isolamento, ampliar seu networking, compartilhar ideias e alcançar o sucesso, é a essência do Workspot Coworking.

2WORK Campinas Coworking & Escritorio Compartilhado

Campinas, Brazil

2WORK Coworking is a professional working space with high standards services and infrastructure,

Placed in Cambuí, the best neighborhood of Campinas, Brasil most important tech and universities center of Brasil,

Working station, vurtual office and meeting rooms.

Fone (+55) 19 3294 3111

Rua Antonio Lapa, 280 - 6 andar

2WORK São Paulo Coworking & Escritorio Compartilhado

São Paulo, Brazil

2WORK Coworking is a professional working space with high standards services and infrastructure,

Placed in the center os São Paulo, next to mayor´s office and Vale do Anhangabaú, São Paulo´s postcard. Working station, vurtual office and meeting rooms.

Fone (+55) 11 3522 3111

Rua Líbero Badaró, 471 - 14 andar

Nômade Espaço Coworking

Uberaba, Brazil

Nômade é ser o mundo, andar por ele, conectar se a ele. Foi o estilo de vida dos primeiros homens sobre a Terra, nossos ancestrais que sempre em busca de algo melhor se deslocavam por todo mundo. Com esse conceito surgiu a Nômade, nas raízes antigas e atuais do nomadismo se conectando a todos. A busca pelas melhores ideias, o movimento, a transformação e a resistência ainda maior que a residência artística. O fixo sendo móvel e o inverso reverso de um espaço de criação, trabalho e novos caminhos. A casa que nos abriga está aberta, traz a ideia e definição de coworking, ninguém está sozinho e você é nosso convidado para caminharmos juntos.

3 salas compartilhadas - total de 16 pessoas
01 sala de reunião com TV e quadro branco - 6 a 8 pessoas
cozinha (microondas, geladeira, cafeteira expresso)
Área externa (06mx10m cimento e 15m x 10m gramado)
Internet wifi

Local centralizado, atrás do shopping Generoso Lenza.
Ao lado do Habib's, supermercado Bretas.
Próximo dos bancos Itaú, Santander e Bradesco.

Rua Afonso Rato, 264 Bairro Mercês
Tel: +55(34) 3319-4510 / 99293102 / 88099610


Belo Horizonte, Brazil

O Techmall é uma aceleradora de empresas e negócios de alto impacto.

Disponibilizamos toda a nossa infraestrutura para quem precisa de espaço e inspiração para impulsionar seus projetos e ideias.

Oferecemos endereço físico, caixa postal, estações de trabalho ergonômicas, telefone e internet, serviços de impressão e coleta/envio de encomendas, sala de reunião e serviços de apoio administrativo.

Estamos localizados na Rua Chapecó 571, no Prado, próximo à Avenida Amazonas e Francisco Sá, região de fácil acesso, repleta de estabelecimentos comerciais, restaurantes e bares (ideal para o happy hour!).
A nova sede tem aproximadamente 600m² e foi planejada para atender da melhor forma as nossas startups e empreendedores.

Silicon Walk

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

A fun and friendly space run by three companies in the heart of Edinburgh City Centre. Designed for young tech companies to be part of a wider community.

Inspire Cafe

Brisbane, Australia

...a place you can enjoy a good coffee and something decent to eat with entrepreneurs and business people.

Inspire Cafe is a coworking space in Newstead, Brisbane.

Drop in for a coffee between 7:20am and 2:50pm, Monday to Friday

We're also available for function and event hire!


Hyderabad, India

Gone are the days of stagnating behind a desk. The world is opening up to the concept of co-working and spaces have been popping up across the globe with much success. We want to be part of the bandwagon too and help in creating an obstacle-free environment for people to work/play, thrive and interact. A seamless zone where one is allowed creative freedom to come up with ideas that might change the future of the society and where work is redefined.