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Photo Carlson Cowork

Carlson Cowork

Rochester, United States

At Carlson We Believe…

A successful cowork is an ecosystem and an ecosystem is about the dynamic interaction of all its inhabitants. In a cowork it’s about how people meet, talk, trust, share, collaborate, team, experiment and grow together.
When an ecosystem thrives, every part of it grows.
At Carlson Cowork our goal every day is to surround our members with a “perfect ecosystem” of like minded individuals that will help each and every member thrive and grow.

Carlson Perks

– Flexible workspaces offered monthly to customize to your exact work pattern.
– Multiple options for your space to grow as your business grows.
– Fast, free internet included in your membership.
– Free parking in a safe environment… 2000 spaces to choose from.
– Community kitchen with coffee, refrigerator & microwave.Comfortable work options including private offices, community work space, sofas, love-seats, and more to foster comfort, collaboration and sharing of ideas.
– Conference/boardroom for larger meetings.
– 8’ x 16’ white board for community presentations, lunch and learn, and social events!
– 800,000 sq/ft of space to physically grow your business.

Photo DaVinci Institute

DaVinci Institute

Westminster, United States

With amazing views of the mountains, free parking, easy access to Boulder and Denver, this is prime office and coworking space.
Working in close proximity with talented students, mentors, and instructors involved in one of America’s top coding schools, DaVinci Coders, this space is ideal for many types of businesses, such as:
• Small and early stage tech companies
• Tech service companies
• Software companies
• Game design studios
• Freelance videographers
• UI/UX experts
• Graphic artists
• Mobile app developers
• Copywriters
• SEO experts
• Website designers
• Crowd funding experts
• IOT designers
• Marketing/advertising agencies
• Audio/video editors • And many more!

The offerings currently available give you the ability to expand the needs of your growing business:
The companies located inside the DaVinci Institute campus are part of a much larger experience, that entails many benefits and amenities such as:
Private Offices | Executive Suites | Private Desks Coworking and Flex space | Conference Rooms Classrooms | Event Center
• Free Wi-Fi
• Meeting space
• Community kitchen
• Workshop space
• Community building activities
• 24-7 access
• Membership to our Futurist Network
• Mail delivery
• Access to futurist events, and professional workshops

Photo CLUSTER COWORK made in Cracow

CLUSTER COWORK made in Cracow

Kraków, Poland

Cluster Cowork to 330 m2 wspólnej przestrzeni pracy stworzonej z myślą o przedsiębiorcach, freelancerach i start-upowcach. Przyjdź i stwórz razem z nami wyjątkową społeczność. U nas każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie. Oferujemy przestrzeń wspólnej pracy, biurka dedykowane, mikrobiura, salki konferencyjne i usługę wirtualnego biura.

CLUSTER COWORK is 330 sq m of shared space created for local entrepreneurs, freelancers and star-uppers. Join us and become a part of our community. We offer hot desks, dedicated desks, private offices, conference room and mailing services.

Photo The DAFTAR


PUNE, India

The DAFTAR is a co-working space for StartUps, Independent Professionals and Freelancers. Whether you are a Techie or an Artist, a Writer or a Start-up, we have a space for all...!
At The DAFTAR, our aim is to provide a collaborative environment where individuals and companies can thrive and grow together. This is where ideas and people come together to create something AWESOME!!
The DAFTAR provides comfortable conditions to work and many more activities like, training workshops, mentor talks, events, games night etc.
And we don't want to just provide an awesome Work-cum-Think space but we also want the cooperation and support of those who inhabit this place in creating a community where more and more people can come and be a part...

Happy Co-working!!!!



Seville, Spain

Thinking Company is a place for thinking and working collectively. It's a coworking space where ideas in the field of technology, engineering, culture, art... they all come true!

Thco provides comfortable conditions to work and hundreds of additional activities like: training workshops, meetings, lectures, exhibitions, etc.

But we not only want to provide a peaceful place where you can work in a pleasant atmosphere. We are also looking for cooperation and mutual support among those who inhabit this place to make use of our work and the time we spend together.

Photo Makassar Digital Lounge

Makassar Digital Lounge

Makassar, Indonesia

Coworking space, Startup Room, Class Room, Workshop Room, Meeting Room, Internet 10MB. All facilities Free.

Photo WorkCentral


Singapore, Singapore

WorkCentral is a full-service co-working space and small office provider, located in Central Singapore at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station.

We offer a conducive space with professional and friendly service. We have systems in place where you can expect a responsive team and prompt follow-ups. We do this to ensure that you can focus on your work and leave the rest to us.

It’s a space where you can do your best work everyday. We want to get to know and understand our members - your ideas, aspirations, purpose and passion - and help you achieve them. We care about your work because you do. We want to see you succeed, because your success is our success.

Visit our website : www.workcentral.com.sg
or contact us: +65 708 8200 | hello@workcentral.com.sg

Open Hours
Monday - Friday 9.00am - 6.00pm. 24/7 Access for premium plans

Photo Estúdio447 Coworking Moema & English Club

Estúdio447 Coworking Moema & English Club

São Paulo, Brazil

Temos uma atmosfera legal e um ambiente de alta qualidade. O nosso diferencial principal é o nosso Clube de Inglês dentro do coworking. Temos vários nativos trabalhando aqui, então temos uma atmosfera "inglêsa" para quem quer treinar seu inglês no dia-a-dia. Também oferecemos workshops de conversação toda semana e eventos em inglês todos os meses.

Photo StarsCamp


Lima, Peru

Más que un espacio de trabajo, StarsCamp es una comunidad que inspira, cocrea y conecta empresas que mejoran el mundo.

Somos una comunidad para emprendedores, creativos y profesionales independientes que ofrece todo lo que necesitas para desarrollar tus negocios: espacios compartidos (coworking), mentoría, salas de reuniones y una comunidad que comparte un espíritu de colaboración.

Photo Startup Depot

Startup Depot

Lviv, Ukraine

Startup Depot – business incubator and coworking in Lviv with focus on support and development of IT startups.
Startup Depot is a place to work, create and build fantastic projects.
We are creative lab for developers, companies, designers and entrepreneurs.
Here people create, build and get feedback on their projects.

Photo Créagora, espace coopératif de travail

Créagora, espace coopératif de travail

Gatineau, Canada

Espace coopératif de travail

Créagora est un espace coworking, un lieu de travail partagé et un réseau favorisant l’échange et la collaboration entre professionnels, entrepreneurs et travailleurs autonomes de Gatineau et de l’extérieur.

Créagora innove et contribue au développement de l’économie sociale locale et régionale en se distinguant des autres formules d’organisation du travail.

Notre espace est polyvalent. On y organise des expositions d’artistes, des causeries, des formations et des rencontres afin d’encourager les échanges et la création de partenariats entre organismes et entrepreneurs régionaux.

Photo Invernadero


Guayaquil, Ecuador

Espacio de trabajo flexible y abierto.
Trabaja 24/7 o entra y sal cuando quieras. Reserva un escritorio para ti o una sala para tu equipo. Acceso abierto a nuestras áreas de descanso y cafetería.

Salas de reuniones
Acceso bajo pedido a nuestras salas de reuniones en Samborondón o Urdesa. Reserva nuestras salas por hora. Perfectas para entrevistas 1 a 1, sesiones de trabajo en grupo o juntas de hasta 16 personas. Totalmente conectadas con TVs, proyección inalámbrica, y pizarras.

Tecnología espacial
Red Mesh Wireless 802.11n sin puntos ciegos. Conexiones Gigabit. APs de alta densidad (200 usuarios por AP). Routeador de doble núcleo con Caché Server habilitado. Firewall capa 3 y 4. (Sino eres hacker ¡nuestro internet vuela!)

Aprende, relaciónate e inspírate en eventos íntimos o grandes. Participa en nuestros talleres educactivos, cursos profesionales o after office.

Red Invernadero
Conéctate y colabora con los miembros de invernadero. Promociona tus servicios y encuentra nuevos clientes. Busca productos y coworkers que ayuden a desarrollar tu negocio. Relaciónate con otros emprendedores y freelancers.

Café Ilimitado
Las ideas buenas empiezan con brainstorming. Las ideas geniales empiezan con un buen café. Detrás de cada emprendedor exitoso hay una cantidad sustancial de cafeína.

Photo Manning International Center

Manning International Center

Beijing, China

Coworking and office space for rent in a creative-friendly environment in the heart of ChaoYang district. Spacious, clean and newly decorated with high quality designer furniture. Fully equipped kitchen, coffee machine and tea making facilities. RMB 2500/desk including high speed Internet, utilities, cleaning and etc. Our space is located in Liangmaqiao next to the Four Seasons Hotel. 5 minutes walk from Liangmaqiao (Line 10) and Zaoying (Line 14) subway stations. 2 subway stops or 10 minutes drive to Sanlitun. Chaoyang Park, Solana Mall, Kempinski Hotel and the embassy district are all 5 minutes walk away.
If you are interested please contact me on :
Mobile: 18612753745
WeChat: 18612753745
or e-mail me : olga@manningbeijing.com

Photo ADN Taller Colectivo

ADN Taller Colectivo

mexico city, Mexico

ADN es un espacio enfocado en el diseño y la arquitectura, ofrecemos un espacio de coworking así como un taller industrial donde puedes desarrollar productos y prototipos.

Photo Le Kagibi

Le Kagibi

Nancy, France

Le Kagibi est un espace de bureau partagé par des indépendants, salariés, ingénieurs et architectes qui préfèrent ne pas travailler en pyjama à la maison. A mi-chemin entre le professionnalisme du coworking et la douceur de la maison, le Kagibi réunit le meilleur des deux mondes.

Photo Casa O Coworking

Casa O Coworking

Cali, Colombia

Casa O, our short way to call Casa Oportunidad (House Opportunity), is a Coworking space in Cali-Colombia that offers work desks and private offices for independent workers, freelancers and small companies of any background and discipline.

We believe in developing new ideas and projects with new friends, regardless of their knowledge or professional background.

We also have shared spaces like kitchen, gardens, patios, resting areas and a conference space that coworkers and outsiders can use for their meetings.

We offer cultural and educational agenda to the entrepreneurial community and want to create new opportunities for all the great people that want to be part of this project.

Photo Hive Coworking

Hive Coworking

Ponta Grossa, Brazil

O Hive Coworking é o 1º espaço de coworking de Ponta Grossa. Com uma infraestrutura ideal para profissionais liberais, autônomos, freelancers e startups, o Hive tem como objetivo tornar acessível à região dos Campos Gerais todos os benefícios que um espaço de coworking.

Horário de atendimento: segunda a sexta das 8:00 as 19:00h.


Criar comunidade de coworking que foco no trabalho colaborativo e permita o desenvolvimento de todos dentro da comunidade através do networking.


Ser pioneira no desenvolvimento da cultura coworking em Ponta Grossa.


Respeito ao espaço de cada um; Trabalho colaborativo; Compartilhe seus conhecimentos; Networking; Inspiração.

Photo Nft Mawazo Innovation Hub

Nft Mawazo Innovation Hub

Kampala, Uganda

The NFT Mawazo Innovation Hub is a division of NFT Consult wjich operates in Uganda ,Kenya ,Tanzania , Rwanda , Burundi and South Sudan.

It was Established to support emerging Next Generation solutions through accelerated technology commercialization.

NFT Mawazo Innovation Hub has created a unique space for high tech entrepreneurs, academics, researchers and venture capitalists to meet, network and collectively work.

NFT Mawazo provides a unique eco-system which enables partners to scale the through over 6 counties through a dedicated Contact center and training facilities.

Photo Incutate


Sewell, United States

Incutate is a coworking facility in Gloucester County designed to inspire genius and encourage business growth.

Photo iPoint


Giza, Egypt

iPoint is a place to explore your real energy. You can work, study, meet or attend an amazing events with us. We will be happy to see you in 80 Salah Salem st. - Giza Square.

Photo Grünhof


Freiburg, Germany

We are a space close to the main train station in Freiburg. Besides our beautiful Café and Biergarten, with good and fair coffee you can enjoy our two big co-working rooms, a conference room and telephone booth. We are not just a shared office. We are the hub for startups and innovative initiatives in Freiburg.

Photo Coworkingness


Poznań, Poland

We offer so much more than just a desk and we have the most international community in Poznań:) Our members come from Poland, Irealand, US, Ukraine and Belarus. We provide members with a perfect mix of an amazing working environment along with a positive atmosphere and top quality services. Once you’re here you can relax playing badminton or running on an orbitrec. You can also join our #100pushups team and work on ability to do 100 pushups in a row;) We've been also awarded as the best coworking space in Poland by Central European Startup Awards 2015 :) We always welcome nomads and travellers offering them guidiance and tips for Poznań so son't hessitate to contact us once you visit Poznań !

Photo i9 Espaços Compartilhados

i9 Espaços Compartilhados

Timbó, Brazil

Trazer a inovação de um espaço de coworking em Timbó/SC é a proposta do i9. Focamos em trazer soluções onde os profissionais das mais diversas áreas possam se desenvolver com profissionalismo, conforto e comodidade.

O i9 Espaços Compartilhados foi pensado para atender profissionais que buscam uma interação com outras áreas, dentro de um escritório completo a baixos custos.

Photo Gravitate


Des Moines, United States

The entrepreneurial center of gravity in downtown Des Moines.

Gravitate is a community of entrepreneurs, startup teams, freelancers, remote employees and other independent workers in the heart of Iowa's capital city.

A mix of shared space, community center and front door to Des Moines' creative class.